Customer Stories

It is all about partnerships - Customer StoriesWe understand that the journey doesn’t end when we hand over the keys. The relationships we build with our customers are lasting. Read these reviews and see what our customers say about their experience building with McDonald Jones.


We have recently completed and moved into our second McDonald Jones home, The Beach House. Of note, this is now the 4th McDonald Jones home that has been built within our immediate family.

We are writing to commend to you the many individuals that have made this process possible, but in particular our supervisor G.W. He not only provided us with a wonderful home, but has ensured through his actions and communication that the whole construction experience was tremendous. He treated us with respect, was completely open and honest with us, and his policy of onsite visits to follow the progress of the construction and afford us the opportunity to ask questions and resolve issues ensured a seamless and productive relationship.

From the beginning we were very pleased to have G.L at Fern Bay assist us with the purchase, regular interaction with L.P who always greets each phone call and customer with a genuine pleasantness and enthusiasm, and J.P who guided us with colour selection and how to spend even more money than we had planned. Even the contract process was seamless.

Whilst each of these people played an important role, the most significant relationship of all is with the construction supervisor. It is during this relationship that our hopes and dreams for a new life in an amazing new home are either built up with anticipation, or progressively destroyed with frustrations, lies and poor communication.
We were incredibly privileged that G.W was selected as our supervisor, and his honesty, professionalism, desire to incorporate us in the construction process and most of all the respect he showed us certainly sets a benchmark for all other construction companies to meet and is truly an example that McDonald Jones can be exceedingly proud of.

Largs NSW

At present I have signed up to build a McDonald Jones house. 

I initially dealt with Nick who was at Kellyville Ridge. Unfortunately I do not know his surname. Since then I have been dealing with Paul.

Today I had to go and look at different window designs at Homeworld.  Nick was working there today and remembered who I was and my name, which was very surprising seeing that it was around 6 weeks ago that I initially spoke with him. 

Can I say that it is not very often that people are praised or receive complimentary feedback these days, but I would like to do this for both Paul and Nick.  Both have always been extremely friendly and very easy to deal with.  They are a credit to your company. I have walked Homeworld twice and other display home locations and I have not had better interactions with any other companies.  Thank you.


Paulette and I wish to thank you and McDonald Jones for our lovely new home.

We remember the first day we met you Andrew. You were so helpful, friendly and caring which continued throughout.  We certainly kept you on your toes with our constant changes which was no problem to you and we got your feedback so quickly.  Can't thank you enough.

Throughout our journey everybody was so helpful and friendly and even put up with our unusual requests.  The selection process was done to make it as painless as possible and Nadeen was awesome and so very helpful.

Our first Supervisor was Paul. We could not ask for a better man for the job. Nothing was a problem and Paul takes a personal interest in the job. Towards the end of the job Paul said he would hand our job onto a new Supervisor which concerned us. Paul assured us that Kyle would certainly look after us and that he is a very nice guy. Well Kyle turned out to be awesome too. How lucky were we to have two such brilliant Supervisors.  Their friendly, helpful and professional manner is something for McDonald Jones homes to be proud of.

Naturally with any build there are issues to be rectified. Anything that we needed done has been resolved. The only thing left is the roofing certificate that we have requested 4 times.

We would certainly recommend McDonald Jones homes to anybody.  If we built again, we would not hesitate to go back to McDonald Jones.

Hunter Valley

Good Morning Christine,

We would like to thank you again for your helpful and knowable advise throughout this process.  As you can appreciate this at the start with having to choose all the interior and exterior and all the choices to be made in one day is really scary and I think I told you yesterday that the weeks leading up to it made me feel quite sick, but you made this as seamless as possible and with your easy going personality nothing was too much trouble which in turn made us feel  like we had made the right choices.

Going forward if all the McDonald Jones staff are as good as you then I think we have made the right decision.


Gary and I are very pleased with the way  McDonald  Jones have assisted us in this project.

From the time of deciding what home we wanted and the process of the picking out the items we required, all the staff were great.

A few names in question Andrew, Angela, Merelah, all the managers at different stages of the project.

We wanted to advise Mcdonald Jones how pleased we are and that you made our journey much enjoyable.

When Gary and I visited your office at Thornton , as we sat waiting for our appointment , any staff person who walked in to the area  acknowledged Gary and I. That is service and made us important to McDonald Jones.

We would not hesitate to build again or spread the word.


We just want to thank you and your fabulous team for such careful attention to our beautiful home.

From our initial meeting with Jody the sales staff, Kalah the Liaison officer, Jen and Peter the colour consultants, Tony the supervisor and now follow-up work with Steve after moving in; our expectations have been exceeded. All the staff have performed with great professionalism, knowledge, talent in their field, and respect towards us.

Our Special thanks to Jen and Tony for their wonderful service getting us our "dream home." We love it and it will make lovely memories for us.

It was a pleasure working with Mcdonald Jones Team and We will certainly refer to our friends and co-workers.

Fletcher NSW

My husband and I have been lucky enough to have been allocated Jessica as our CLO earlier this year after the departure of our former CLO. We have both had such a wonderful experience with her that I had to call reception for your contact information.

As solicitors, we are both often pedantic and have high expectations. Jess had been a breath of fresh air in exceeding those expectations. Emails never go more than a few hours unanswered and she is on the ball to the point where I have never had to chase her up – she anticipates the next step in the process and is onto that before I can ask what the next step is. I cannot tell you how much of an asset she is to your team – her client service skills are outstanding and her communication is second to none. She often says “that’s my job” when I thank her repeatedly but I know that she goes above and beyond.

We are almost on the construction list and we will be passed onto our site supervisor. Please acknowledge her amazing work on our behalf (and no doubt other clients). I am so thankful we have had the experience we have had with MJH, thanks to Jessica.

May you and your team all have an amazing Christmas and a well-earned break.

North Coast

I would like to give some feedback about Angela at the Heritage Parc display homes.

Angela has been of great assistance to us and is always extremely helpful.
Finding a new home with so many things to think about has been very stressful, however the service supplied by Angela was amazing and she made our visit a lot less stressful and she was great at answering all of our questions.

We have decided on the Miami and Angela is always quick to get back to us with any questions.
I am extremely impressed with the customer service she provides.

Merry Christmas


Hunter Valley

I just wanted to provide some feedback on a recent warranty call I made on Saturday night by email. The service that I received was nothing short of exceptional from Ryan at the South Coast office. I was absolutely amazed that I received a call back on a Sunday morning and my issue was rectified today. I can not thank him enough for his service, and I believe that he is an extremely valuable asset to your business. Thanks again to Ryan and his offsider John , on a job well done and very much appreciated !!! 

South Coast

I am writing in reference to my experience with McDonald Jones Homes - Lochinvar.

My husband and I had purchased a block of land in the Hunter Valley and had started researching our options to build our first home. Being that it was our first build we had no idea where to start, what to expect and which building company to trust.

After spending a full day walking through countless display homes within the Rutherford and Chisholm area we had collected numerous booklets, information and pricing. Feeling extremely exhausted, overwhelmed and yet still not feeling satisfied that our needs had been met decided to call it a day and head on home, which is when we gave it one last chance and called into The Bronte display home at Lochinvar, which we are so glad we did.

We met Michael and Sue two of the most helpful, friendliest and welcoming people we had met that day. The time was close to 5pm on a Sunday afternoon and we did not want to hold anyone up and insisted on a very quick walk through, not once were we made to feel like an inconvenience actually the complete opposite happened, Michael had been the only sales consultant that day that went over and above our expectations to help us on our building journey. Not only did he take the time to listen to our needs, share his extensive knowledge and experience he offered us a seat, coffee and a biscuit with no impression of a time restriction, he actually stayed back beyond an hour after his closing office hours where he took down a copy of our block of land, showed us some mock up versions of the different range of houses they offer, what they would look like on our land, made note of our ideas, needs & wants and found us the perfect home to build from the McDonald Jones Range.

Michael was always upfront and honest with us throughout our consultations and nothing was ever a hassle. Michael allowed us plenty of input and the option to express our thoughts in which we were able to merge our favourite features from our final three selections. (Woodlands Manor, The Bronte & Beachside Elite) We felt completely comfortable at all times with no pressure involved.

We are now the proud owners of a McDonald Jones Woodlands Manor which we altered to suit our lifestyle and could not be any more happier or proud of the amazing home we now have, the finishes on our home are second to none and the professionalism throughout the process was extraordinary and made it such an enjoyable experience and I truly do believe to this day that if it wasn't for Michael we would not have built with McDonald Jones Homes.

He is a credit to himself and the McDonald Jones team and it is without hesitation that I would highly recommend Michael Squires from McDonald Jones Homes Lochinvar office for any building consultation needs to any of my family, friends, colleagues and associates.


I wanted to send a special note of thank you for your assistance as our sales consultant.

We spoke to quite a few different building sales consultants and I have to say your experience and knowledge really stood out from the crowd. All the advice and tips you provided to us based on your own experience of building was extremely helpful.

The information you provided allowed us to make the right choices to enable us to reach our dream of building our country house within budget. Thank you very much for the tips email with all the contacts we will use this a lot in the next 6 months.

Please pass on our comments to your management as we have found the service from you and the team at Kellyville to surpass all other building companies and testimony of standard of quality of the McDonalds Jones Company Brand.

I am writing this letter to give some hopefully valued feedback on our dealings with your company over the last year.

My wife Trish and I have recently moved into our new McDonald Jones built Avoca home in Renwick, NSW.

Firstly I would like to commend your staff at the display home here in Renwick, from memory the ladies name was Sue and she was patient and very helpful, considering when we came to you we were about to sign on the dotted line with GJ Gardner's and build with them, Sue was fantastic and helped Trish and I make the correct choices, Sue returned our calls promptly, had plans and ideas drawn up for us and generally was amazing in her role.

We then moved onto the selections process which was also a pleasure to do with your staff at Oak Flats, the process was painless and actually very enjoyable, which neither of us were expecting.

Levi was assigned to us as our client liaison officer, we had very good dealings with Levi to start with, my wife was going away for a month overseas and Levi pulled out all stops to make sure we had a contracts ready to sign and that the paperwork went to council while my wife was away, Levi was a pleasure to deal with.

I am sure by now you might be able to tell that I am somewhat of a stickler for quality and customer service, I am a sales rep myself and I honestly felt compelled to write this letter to your company and share my experiences with you.

There was one main person who actually went so far and beyond his call of duty that he is the sole reason I decided to write to you, Mark was our site supervisor and I cannot express enough just how fantastic this man was to deal with, Mark introduced himself to me professionally and was more than happy to answer ALL of my questions.

I am a first time home builder and coming from a non building background, I found it very hard at times to comprehend exactly the processes that were taking place around us, I am sure that I am not Mark’s worst customer to date, however I am very picky when it comes to quality, hence choosing to build with McDonald Jones and I am sure I gave Mark a fairly hard time with literally 1000’s of questions and query's throughout the entire process. Right up until the very end, Mark remained professional, courteous, understanding and always willing to try and meet my requests no matter how trivial.

Many times, Mark met me onsite outside of hours when I am sure he would have rather been on his way home, this was usually because I work strange hours.
Mark, helped point me in the correct direction with installing our fireplace, he did not need to help with this as this was something that was being done by us, however being an expert builder and gentleman that he was, he didn’t want to see us doing things the incorrect way and have to redo them again and again, he told me exactly what needed to be done to make this happen.

Mark, also went above and beyond buy arranging for the site to be handed back to us for a weekend so as we could install our own ducted aircon, I am sure that this was a very big pain for Mark to organise and something that my wife and I are very grateful for.
Many times throughout the process Mark returned my voicemails on a Friday evening or even Saturday’s as he knew that’s when I had time to chat about the build process.
There is many more things that this man did to impress both my wife and myself along the way but I will not list them all here.

I will however mention that my wife and I were living in our family home in Luddenham while this build was happening, we had a deadline to meet when leaving the property as it was being bulldozed to make way for the new Badgery’s Creek Airport, this deadline was going to undershoot your completion date for handover by about three weeks. I mentioned this to Mark and he made arrangements for his Boss to complete the walkthrough of our house sooner and also for all work to be completed slightly ahead of time.
I am so grateful to Mark for making this happen as we would have had nowhere else to go for those Three weeks in between, again another example of this man going above and beyond.

I would like to say that my wife and I are looking to build again in the next year or so in the same area, I am 100% certain that we will be building with MacDonald Jones again.

All of your staff who guided us along the way were fantastic, however I felt it important to specifically mention our site supervisor as he is a true asset to your company, I will be recommending McDonald Jones homes to others in the future no doubt, this has been a fantastic process and one that we hope to share again with you.

Once again, a massive thank you all the staff that helped make our dream become a reality but most of all, thank you to Mark for all his hard efforts and patience, I would appreciate you passing on my greatest thanks to Mark and possibly forwarding him a copy of this letter, he should be recognised for his efforts, customer service is very overlooked these days, especially in an industry like this.

Thank you in advance for reading my letter and also for passing on our praise to your staff.


Renwick, NSW

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation to McDonald Jones Homes for my perfect building experience with them. I cannot express my sincere gratitude for the expert advice and help throughout the process.

From my first contact with Andrew in the sales office, who was excellent in his knowledge and advice and made the start up process very streamlined and hassle free. I was then introduced to my first client liason officer Brett, who also was extremely helpful and had a vast knowledge of the entire process, he was very helpful during my time with him. Brett moved on to another position in the company and I was handed over to Dean who has been extremely helpful and went above and beyond his role for me. My land registration was extremely long and difficult as there were no official contacts for the developer but Dean was my saviour during this time and was always happy to attempt to contact various people to acquire any sort of information he could in regards to time frame for registration. He always kept me informed regularly on the progress and I would like to thank him (which I have on a number of occasions), but would like to commend him on his excellent customer service and extreme patience.  He was always happy to take my call and that was very comforting. I was then handed over to Renee just prior to commencement of construction but was extremely happy with the contact I had with Renee.

All staff in the selection procedures process were invaluable when helping choose colour combinations, bricks and roofing etc. They made selection appointments seamless and once again they all had a vast knowledge of the process and interior and exterior trends. It made my decisions much easier and had suggestions which were great.

The building process was once again made extremely hassle free with very competent staff. I was then introduced to my site supervisor Stewart who was my next staff member who went above and beyond his duties, Stewart has such a high work ethic, he is extremely particular with all work undertaken in the house, he was extremely organised and always kept me updated on the process of the construction of my house. I would like to thank McDonald Jones homes for assigning Stewart to my house as I believe every care was taken into consideration by Stewart and the results of all of his hard work are reflected in my house which I have trouble finding anything to put down on my service and warranty form. I thank Stewart also for making my experience with McDonald Jones Homes and very positive one.

In closing I thank McDonald Jones Homes for my perfect building experience and have no problems telling everyone how fantastic my experience was. I have recommended a couple of my friends to build with McDonald Jones Homes and will keep telling anyone that needs to know how great the company is.

Once again thank you for building a beautiful home.

Hunter Valley

In March this year my wife and I took the momentous step to build a house, we are an elderly couple so this was no mean feat on our behalf.

We decided after seeing your fabulous adverts on the TV with Scotty that a McDonald Jones home was what we wanted.

As we reside in Bowral we went along to your Renwick display homes and there we met Sue; what a wonderful, kind, patient lady she is. Sue took us through all the steps explaining everything clearly and precisely.

That was sufficient to convince us that it would be one of your homes we would build.

We then went down to Shell Cove and saw the Sea Side Retreat house, we we sold; that was the one we wanted.

Finally our day to visit the MyChoice centre at Oak Flats arrived, we were met by a most gracious, charming and pleasant young lady by the name of Larissa, her smile brightened up an already bright reception area and her coffee making skills were second to none.

She introduced us to our consultant Vicki, she help us hour after hour to put together all the wonderful things that would eventually make up a most spectacular house.

We also had the pleasure to meet with Brett who I must say has a fantastic grasp of his responsibilities, and during the course of the long day we had the pleasure to meet Lee, another charming member of your McDonald Jones family.

Both Prue and I were treated with kindness and respect by all the the Centre, it is because of such care and consideration that we would have no hesitation recommending one of your fabulous homes to anyone thinking of building.

In closing let me say; I think you have some wonderful people in your organization, people who think more about what they can do for their employer and the customer's than view their work as merely a means to earn a quid.

Thank you Mr McDonald


This is our first venture in new home building. When we first embarked on this journey we were regaled by friends and colleagues of the horrors and (mis)adventures that we were to expect.
Well, fortunately for us, none of these horrors came to fruition, and in fact it was a very enjoyable experience, due (we believe) in no mean part, to the staff of McDonald Jones Homes.
From the initial response to our online enquiry, the meeting with the Building and Design Consultant, the Colour Selections Consultants, our Liaison Officer, and most especially our Site Supervisor, each and every one were professional, knowledgeable, punctual and very easy to deal with.
We are now getting settled into our new house and are pleasantly surprised that the quality and attention to detail matches the excellence we saw in your display homes.
The final plus for this trip is that the house was delivered ahead of the expected time and within budget - something that I believe is almost unheard of in most housing projects. Again, I believe, is due entirely to the great work of the McDonald Jones Homes staff.


I just wanted to let you know that we have signed up with you guys to build our house. We are beyond happy with the package offered and the service provided. Hedi has been beyond amazing and on top of things since day one. She has worked so hard with us and especially with Koray being deployed, she has been so understanding.
I can not say enough about your company and Hedi. We loved how she was upfront with pricing and inclusions. She worked alongside the developer from Mulgoa Rise to get us an amazing result. We absolutely love her!!! The package she has provided with us is amazing everything we dreamt of!!

I have highly recommended McDonald Jones to all of our friends and family. This has honestly been an enjoyable and easy journey. We are so happy and excited to do the colour selection soon.

We both wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your guidance and help through this big decision and a huge thank you to Hedi.

Have a lovely day! Thank you again.

Janae and Koray

As a recent home builder through your company I would like to hail the praises of a few of your very capable and hard working employees, having built a home many years ago i was very concerned in starting another as I thought I would be starting months of nightmares as experienced before, {NOT SO}  Our supervisor Brett was one of the most capable men we have had the pleasure to do business with, from the day the dirt was turned the house went up from one stage to another without any dramas, or not that we were aware of anyway, he kept us informed of all stages that the progress was at.

He in our minds is a great benefit to your company, he is true to his word, very organised,and most important to your company he cares about his home owners, this genius of a man built our home in 16 weeks from start to finish allowing us to be able to move in Christmas week, we will always be grateful to Brett for his endurance in the completion of our home.

The second praise I would like to hail is to Levi, our co-ordinator she also was very professional in her duties, she endeavoured to answer any query we may have had through the build, she is also a great asset ro your company, she was always very polite, she has a lovely happy disposition and puts her clients at ease at all times, we thank Levi very much for all her hard work and great effort she put in to make our experience with McDonald Jones a wonderful stress free experience.

Last but not least, Larissa at Oak Flats office, she is just a delight, bubbly, happy, professional to the max, I actually miss going in to see her, thank you Larissa you are a very very intricate cog in that professional wheel that turns McDonald Jones, in closing this email all of you that have had a part in making our beautiful retirement home what it is we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we feel that not only did we have all of you working to bring it all together we feel we made some very good friends in the process of it all.

Many many thanks and gratitude to all concerned’



Last night Chris and I spent our first night in our house, we just wanted to thank everyone at McDonald jones who had made that possible! We have found this whole process to be easy, stress free and faultless. 

Every single member of staff at MDJ  have been amazing and have made this process of us purchasing our first house a very enjoyable and happy one. Dave our site supervisor has been especially amazing and has gone above and beyond! We really do appreciated the effort from him and everyone that we have dealt with along the way.

Not only is our house finished well before the due date, it is also finished to a beautiful standard! We are so very happy and grateful that we get to spend our first Christmas in our house so soon, but more so that we are going to be able to share our home with our family and friends that will be coming over from New Zealand in January for our wedding in February.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a New Years!!

Thank you all once again :)

Jordan Springs

We would like to extend a huge thank you to McDonald Jones Homes for our beautiful new home. A special mention is owed to Brett.

Brett was amazing throughout the entire process. Always professional and friendly. He delivered on all of his promises and remained approachable at every stage.

It is because of Brett that we rave to our family and friends about MJH and how the process was quick, without stress and the complete opposite to those horror stories you hear about project homes.

Thank you Brett!!! Your personality and work ethics sure do reflect extremely well for MJH.

We wish you and your family a very  Merry Christmas and a Joyful 2015.

Just advising that Dave came on Tuesday and painted the garage floor. Also, the oven element was replaced a couple of weeks ago. It’s working like never before so it must have been faulty from the start. Perhaps when the sparky installed the stove and tested it might have gone then. 

Kate and I can’t thank you and Brett enough for the way you looked after us with two issues. Given that the stove and house is now 3 years old your attention to these issues speaks volumes for McDonald Jones and the people who work for them. Dave did a fantastic job with the floor and his customer relation skills and friendly attitude towards us was first class. He’s welcome at our home any time.

Thanks again.


Paul & I are absolutely delighted with our new Parkroyal home at Sanctuary Point. I was told to sit back and enjoy the ride and we have. I can't fault the house, Paul our project manager what can I say, you're the best!! On the ball and onto anything that wasn't right.  I would do it all again no problems. Thank you to all involved, I have enjoyed every minute.

Sanctuary Point

My husband and I recently bumped into Russell who was the foreman when we built our home with McDonald Jones in Tamworth during 2008.  I had always intended on contacting you regarding the work Russell performed but with all the chaos that comes with moving into a new home, I never quite got around to it.


Although a little delayed, we would still like to express our gratitude to Russell for his professionalism when building our home. Russell could always be relied upon for sound knowledge and advice when issues arose and he seamlessly fixed any problems along the way. Having Russell in charge meant that building a new home (a first time for us) was an effortless process.


We have been very happy with the quality of the construction of our home and 6 years on, our home is as great as it was the day we moved in.  I can confidently say that if all foremen were as good as Russell then, more people would be building new homes, time and time again.

Kind regards

Westdale NSW

Dear McDonald Jones,

I put pen to paper to tell you how delighted I am at the treatment by your staff.

I dealt with John Ryan and Christine at Display Homes at Nowra.

Those two people are so helpful and courteous, they went above and beyond to help me.

Then I dealt with Oak Flats for selection.

Angela Squires and Levi are such lovely, gracious people.

The young lady at the front desk, beyond belief.

They all not only present themselves as excellent, they are.

Oak Flats, they not only provided me and my accompaniment with lunch, they did it in a very nice way. My friends are so impressed, as I. These people provided morning tea. WHAT A DELIGHT!

Love McDonald Jones and I recommend them to everybody. I did my homework and McDonald Jones are the best by far.

Sincerely and with thanks,



You probably don’t remember me but I actually met you at your Thornton office about 18 months ago while presenting a plastic extrusion to your Company.

I am sending this email to you as I have your business card, please accept my apologies if you are not the correct contact for this email.

Recently (yesterday) we collected the keys to our new Monte Carlo Executive home situated at Tea Gardens.

I just wanted you to know how impressed my wife and I have been during the whole process with your Company, the level of professionalism displayed by your staff has made the whole building experience a pleasant one.

I would like to pay particular attention to our building supervisor Murray who has been a pleasure to deal with, his attention to detail and level of customer service has been at the highest point right throughout the term of the build.

Further, our Colour Selections advisor Lerissa was a breath of fresh air and made the whole process which at times can be tedious a pleasant experience for both of us, the end result was proof of her ability.

I would like you to ensure that our thanks are passed on to these people as they fully deserve it!

Thanks Bill.....

Tea Gardens

Hi Brett, 
It’s been a while since we saw you but both Chris and I would like to thank you for your advice when we were first starting out with McDonald Jones.

We took onboard your suggestions and we are very pleased with the result. Unfortunately we were held up in Land Titles Office and it seems to be taking forever !! Through all of this McDonald Jones has been fantastic – color selection, client liaison, building supervisor etc. have made the process very smooth . Our house is nearly at lock up stage now and we are hoping handover will be late September. Once again thank you for your help.
Best regards,

Sydney, 6 August 2014

Just a short note to thank your company for the new home they built for us in Tea Gardens-Santorini 4 Bedrooms. We are very happy with the finished product and move in this weekend.
Living in Sydney whilst we built we dealt mainly with your Norwest Office on fittings,paint, blinds carpets etc. The employees we met (Erin,& Suzanne in particular)  were extremely helpful friendly and efficient.

I would also like to put on record our thanks to our Building Supervisor Murray Turrell. He was thorough, has an eye for detail, friendly, helpful and outstanding in everything he did. Murray has a high level of organisational skills and quickly responded to any inquiry or question that we asked. I am sure that without his involvement the construction would not have gone as smoothly as it did.

Mr McDonald I know that you probably get more correspondence highlighting negative aspects relating to the building of customers homes and felt that you should also receive favorable comments regarding the quality of your houses and your employees.


Tea Gardens

With only a few minor finishing touches to complete on our home I felt I should drop you a quick line to thank you and your team at McDonald Jones and express our appreciation for all your efforts.

Both my Wife and I are thrilled with the end result of the home.

It was a distinct pleasure to have David supervise our home. From the moment David took charge of the site, my wife and I were totally relaxed. It was obvious from the time he first introduced himself, that he was a no nonsense operator that was committed to getting the job done and at a standard that could only be described as exact!

Dave’s attention to detail was incredible and his organisational skills superb. We were kept informed at every step of the way. His constant efforts to communicate were very much appreciated. Not once did we feel the need to call him as we always received regular updates.

We cannot recommend Dave highly enough; anyone who is building with Mcdonald Jones who is lucky enough to have him supervise the job from the beginning can rest assured that their home will be completed on time and to the highest of standards.

Learn more about our building journey here.


To the McDonald jones team,

My partner and I have just recently moved in to our beautiful McDonald Jones Bronte home. We would like to pass on to you all our thanks for all your co-operation and assistance during the building process and even now the follow ups are fantastic.

We were in a position where we actually lived on the property whilst the home was being constructed and could oversee the whole process. All the subcontractors were no bother to us and conducted themselves in an appropriate manner. Gates were opened and closed and rubbish and noise kept to a minimum.

The McDonald Jones team starting with Sue at the exhibition home were always knowledgeable and helpful.
The colour selection process was made easier with helpful advice. Brett was a great help with any little query and if he needed to find out something he always got back to us asap, and I always felt comfortable talking with Brett.

We would like to thank Leighton, he was and still is always on the ball! He is always approachable and efficient with all our queries. He organises any trades people and inspects and follows up pronto. We appreciate the attention and time he gave us.

We recommend McDonald Jones to all our friends and relatives and the quality of our home speaks for itself.
Thank you,


Dear Michele,
Scott and I are elated. Today we received the keys to our gorgeous new house.

We would like to thank all the wonderful people who played there part in making this lovely house possible.
Thank you to Robert, Elizabeth, Jodie, Lee, yourself, Brett and the numerous builders and tradesmen who contributed towards the build.

Today is my birthday so this is especially thrilling. We have been out to dinner with our friends, and at present we are looking for air beds, pyjamas, toothbrushes, picnic set and weetbix so that we can spend the first night in our beautiful new house.

Thank you everyone for a job well done and thankyou to McDonald Jones for making this dream a reality. With all our love, 

Woonona, NSW

Hi Melissa,

It’s been a few days after the handover of our dream home and we are very excited and busy with so many other works to settle into our new home as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay in providing a feedback on our new home just completed by McDonald Jones.

It was noted that all of the works were well organized and executed from the beginning to the handover stage leaving no hassles for us. We are really happy the way that McDonald Jones handled and built our house to our extreme satisfaction.

We were well informed and communicated throughout the process keeping us updated ever milestone of the works. We felt that McDonald Jones was professional in every way of their approach to complete our house and we won’t have a second though to recommend McDonald Hones for our friends who want to build their dream homes in future.

Once again, we thank you and your team for your excellent contributions and cooperation during this period to make our dream real to settle in our own house.

Thank You.


Dear Jim,


Yesterday my husband and I attended our Colour Selections in Oak Flats with Jodee and we just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job she does.


Jodee was professional and knowledgable and also friendly and patient. We were at the studio from 9.30am - 5.30pm and all three of us were exhausted by the end of the day but Jodee was still enthusiastically answering our questions as we walked out the door. She was looking forward to completing all loose ends for us the next day and was genuinely excited for us and the progress we had made with her.


Overall our experience with Jodee was excellent!


Thanking you

Seaside Retreat

To Mcdonald Jones Homes,


Well, You do make dreams come true. This is a big thank you note to all who built our dream home at Millfield.

To the ladies who guided us at colour selections, from walls to floors, cupboards, vanities, tiles, bricks to doors you are brilliant. Everything blended beautifully, we would not change a single thing.


As the building began we spoke to supervisors along the way. Every single person was so polite and helpful in every way. Then we met the magician, Leighton and his team of men. These guys just somehow made things happen, the progress they made was amazing. Before we realised the boys were ahead of time and our dream of moving in before Christmas was becoming a reality.


The (magician) we call him Leighton, handed our keys to us on the 20th Dec 2013, over two months earlier than expected. We are so appreciative of every single person-contractors-builders-tilers who helped our dream come true of building our first home. The quality of Mcdonald Jones Homes are outstanding . We have not had one single thing that has needed to be replaced or repaired.


Thank you, Your friends,


Hi Vincent,

Happy New Year !!!!!!! Hope you are well.

We were meant to come see you in Kellyville while I was on caught in too much work at home :) Back at work today :( House is absolutely great !!!!!!! Very, very happy with the outcome and a very pleasant experience from start to finish with MJH. Feels like we could start another one straight away :) Promise, we'll drop in very soon with proper pictures...


Just wanted to pass on how happy we were with a small warranty job that was completed by Greg. We had been in our home for nearly three years when one of our tall glass cavity sliding doors suddenly fell off its track. We received very polite customer service from the initial call I made to your office through to our dealings with Greg. He came back late yesterday afternoon to put the door back on, it slides better than when we first moved in. He was very particular in making sure the door was opening and closing smoothly as it should.

On a side note, we just wanted to pass on overall how impressed we have been with our beautiful McDonald Jones home and the way the staff have dealt with the couple of small problems we have had.

From very impressed clients...


Hello McDonald Jones team,
It’s been almost 2 months since we’ve moved to our beautiful house and I have been keep reminding myself during this busy period that there is something that we missed and it was sending this email to you guys to show our gratitude and thank you for making this journey so easy for us.

We initially signed a contract with other builder last year and everything was done and dusted until I received an email from Vince to follow up on my enquiry and that was the moment changed everything in this journey. I was so hesitant to come down to see you @ Oran Park especially after we paid deposit with the other builder. But I can tell after half an hour meeting, you completely changed our view towards McDonald Jones and after 35 emails ( you're a real email savvy ;) )  and couple of phone calls we were one of McDonald Jones  clients.

I must say such a professional team that greatly helped us in every stage of our building; from our colour selection with Christine to our site supervisor Mark. Well done McDonald Jones and keep up the good work.

Merry Christmas and have wonderful new year.

Oran Park

I just wanted to send you a quick message of thanks.

We have been mucked around by many builders for months. It has made choosing a house so stressful and not a happy time. So far, the entire process with McDonald Jones particularly  yourself  and the team has been amazing.

Thank you for being so friendly and efficient so far.

Warm regards,

South Coast

My husband and I would like to take the opportunity to compliment the service we have received during the process of building our home at Boat Harbour.

Approximately three years ago, we began dealings with McDonald Jones through Sue at Rutherford. We progressed the process of our proposed new home to the point of obtaining DA approval, then unfortunately, we had to cease any further proceedings due to an impending posting with the Defence Force to Canberra. Last year, we recommenced the process of having our new home built by your company and once again dealt with Sue, in both cases we must commend her on her professionalism, assistance and patience.

Thankfully, this time we have gone on to have our new home completed. We have been very impressed with the whole process from start to finish and the professionalism shown by the members of your team. We are extremely happy with our new home and especially the high quality of the finish. We have had numerous positive comments from family, friends and tradesmen alike about the design of our home and particularly how well it has been built and finished. This is a credit to you and all of the team that have been involved in the process.

Of note, we would like to highly commend the site manager - Murry. We found him to be very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient in all areas involved in the site management and building of our home. Any minor things that we bought to his attention were dealt with in a very timely and effective manner. He was open to listening to us and providing advice and quality service as required. Murray is certainly a very important member of your team and should be congratulated on how well he is doing his job.

Please pass on our kind thanks to the team involved.


Boat Harbour

Hi, I was just wanted to express my many thanks and appreciation to McDonald Jones and especially our Client Liaison Officer, Mandy and also our site supervisor, Tony, for all their hard work in building our dream home.

It has been an absolute pleasure with McDonald Jones and we have definately recommended you to friends and family and look forward to one day building with you again.

Words cannot simply describe how happy we are with our home!

Fletcher, NSW

I am taking the time to give you a little bit of personal feedback which we believe is worth mentioning. We signed up with McDonald Jones at the end of 2011 to build the Chesterfield Grande in Milton and have been in the house since January this year. We are a younger couple and this is our first new home. After many objections to build a new home from friends and family because of all the problems and poor build quality they have had with their homes, we persisted with McDonald Jones.

We just had to have the same house as the one on display in Nowra. In fact we have actually got an even better home. Yeah we did have some hassles and obstacles along the way which was expected, we are both realistic people. But our home is just great to put it simply! All of our new home critics and friends are very quiet when they come around, you can see they just want to look for a fault but they just can't find one!

We are now having strangers knocking on our door asking who built our home, giving the house nothing but praise for all aspects of the design. Many can't believe it's a project home and we are both happy to explain where the display home is in Nowra and our experiences we have had.

The main reason why I am taking the time to write this due to Paul Andriske. From the very start Paul has only been a phone call away to continuously reassure and confirm every single thing that was happening. Even when other employees from McDonald Jones were inconsistent, Paul would chase things up. He was always true to word and never told us things just to keep us happy, if he didn't know something he would say so and get back to us with an answer. We were not difficult customers though we did have our expectations, and they were met.

To sum it up we have nothing but praise for Paul's commitment to his job and his clients. Paul is a decent hardworking guy who deserves the praise we have given him and hope McDonald Jones appreciates who they have working for them.

Kind regards,

Nowra NSW

I would appreciate if you can pass this email onto BM. We have recently moved into our new McDonald Jones Home and we are very pleased with the quality of the building work carried out.
The house ticks all the boxes especially the floor plan and flow through to the outside alfresco.

I would personally like to acknowledge a couple of people who were very helpful during the process.
AD, the consultant at the Warnervale display village who very helpful in steering us in the right direction especially with cosmetic changes which have proved to be very practical. I would also like to acknowledge LV our building supervisor who went out of his way a couple of times. He was also very meticulous at the final inspection appointment.

Finally there are only two words that describes McDonald Jones Homes and that is there building quality is simply better.


Central Coast NSW

The finishing touches are now being carried out on our new McDonald Jones home. So Dot and I just want to convey to you a sincere word of thanks for your professionalism, courtesy, support and competence that we experienced as we worked with you on this special project in our lives.

Building a home that one can be proud of and really happy with needs either a lot of luck, or the selection of a first-class building company. We were fortunate to select McDonald Jones which not only produced an excellent product for us, but utilises an excellent service team. Everyone we dealt with, whether at the Office level or on the actual job, carried out their duties to a high level of ability.

We must pay a special tribute of thanks to L.V, who as the building supervisor was satisfied with nothing less than excellence in every aspect of the building program.

Once again, thank you so much for our lovely home.

Best wishes,

18 October 2011

We have recently moved into our new McDonald Jones home. Our home is a Sorrento with 3 bedrooms and a Children’s Activity Room. We find that the design of this home suits us perfectly. Even though our children have all left home and we are retired, the activity room makes a perfect study. We are very pleased with the quality and finish of our new home.

Our building supervisor has been B.D and we are extremely grateful to him for his help and support throughout the building process. He made himself known to us at the beginning of the project and has kept us informed at all times. He is willing to listen to any concerns we have and these have been dealt with professionally and promptly resolved to our satisfaction. Overall we feel that having him ‘on the job’ has made building easier and less stressful for us.

We are looking forward to many happy years in our home.

Yours sincerely,

28 March 2012

I just wanted to thank you and the team at McDonald Jones for our beautiful home. We drive past it every day - yes I know I should get out more socially - and just love it more and more. Our bricks are going up by an amazing brick layer who I think is fussier than me. He's fantastic, so neat and precise, and we couldn't be happier.

People are still in shock that I haven't had major stress attacks thru this building process. I will assume you all might be at your end coordinating building thru these insane weather conditions but please know we are happy this end.

Thank you again for creating a masterpiece for us at Harrington Grove. I hope Mr McDonald Jones understands how amazing his team is!

Have a nice evening!!!

Harrington Grove NSW

We were at Thornton on Friday choosing colours, electricals and signing final documents. We wanted to pass on our thanks for the very professional approach taken by Melissa, Peter and Kelly during the day.

As you may know, we travelled down from Cairns to complete as much of the process as possible in one day - a marathon 9 hours. We found the consultants to be helpful and their advice invaluable. We are especially grateful for the extra effort to fit in with our time frame, particularly Kelly who stayed late on Friday night to make sure the contract signing process was thorough and that we fully understood all the issues involved.

As you can appreciate, building a house is a big undertaking and doing it from 2000 km away, even more so. After our experience on Friday, we are confident we have made the right choice in choosing McDonald Jones as our builders.

Please pass on our thanks to all involved. We look forward to our continued relationship over the coming months.

Best wishes,

Cairns QLD

We have received the keys to our new McDonald Jones house, the beautiful Bordeaux at Nelson Bay.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sentiments about the experience we've had with working with your company.
Contrary to most people's claims that having a house built could be a stressful and frustrating experience, we must congratulate McDonald Jones Homes for proving this opinion wrong.

Thanks to the supportive approach and the professional conduct of each team member involved in our building project, we felt reassured and comfortable throughout the construction period. The procedures at every stage were carried out in a very efficient way.

We would like to acknowledge this important aspect of the company and would appreciate it if you could convey our sincere thanks to the office staff A.D, J.W, E.K, R.J, S.P, P.S and M.T the supervisor, for their work. (We are sure there are others behind the scenes and extend our thanks to them too.)

It was also a lovely gesture by the company to present us with the beautiful hamper for the occasion of receiving the keys to our new home.

Thank you again.

Nelson Bay NSW

I am emailing you to tell you how pleased we are with the completed Aspen Home at Anna Bay.

All our contacts were extremely helpful and any queries we had they promptly replied to emails, phone calls etc. The whole process from start to finish was beyond fault. We had a few little problems but our Site Manager Murray Tyrrol has got on to them straight away.

All in all we are extremely happy with McDonald Jones and would highly recommend McDonald Jones Homes to any future home builders.

Thank you once again,

Anna Bay NSW

We would like to say how much we appreciated working with your McDonald Jones Building Supervisor B.C.

He showed all of the traits of being a professional builder at all times. We would like to think that he gave us personal attention and consideration when we saw our brand new home being built from the plans. At all times he listened to us and answered our questions clearly and without any hesitation. Weather at times was not great for the builders but he seemed to be able to get the job done and within his time frame.

He deserves acknowledgement from Senior Management at McDonald Jones Homes.

Sincerely Yours,

23rd October 2012

Elizabeth and I have been in our new home for over 5 months now and we wanted to drop you a quick note to say how happy we are with our home and in particular the service we have experienced.
Nothing has been too much trouble since we first commenced discussions with your staff. From D.M at Maitland, through to our supervisor S.B and most recently you’re after sales service team, all our questions have been answered quickly and promptly. In particular we have been highly impressed with everyone’s can do attitude.

As first home buyers the process of choosing a design and working to a budget can be daunting, however the way the steps in the process were explained to us, the support provided as we made decisions and most importantly the fantastic final outcome have made the whole process extremely enjoyable.

Thanks for making the whole process and construction of our new home so easy. We have enjoyed the whole process so much that we are sure we will build with you again. So many family and friends have commented on our fantastic new home and we have recommended MJH to numerous family and friends.


Maitland NSW

I just wanted to thank you for your time and advice yesterday. We came in not really having any idea what we wanted, you were very thorough and never once rushed us. I’m very grateful you also pushed for us to be able to have the Java Dusk splashback, we really love it!

I was very stressed about the colour selection process as I had so many different colour schemes going through my head but I’m very relaxed and excited about it now, you pulled together a beautiful palette for us, I absolutely love it!

You’ve given us a beautiful home with lovely upgrades that will make our home look extra special without too much added cost. I can’t thank you enough, you are amazing!

8th November 2012