This is our first venture in new home building.

When we first embarked on this journey we were regaled by friends and colleagues of the horrors and (mis)adventures that we were to expect.
Well, fortunately for us, none of these horrors came to fruition, and in fact it was a very enjoyable experience, due (we believe) in no mean part, to the staff of McDonald Jones Homes.

From the initial response to our online enquiry, the meeting with the Building and Design Consultant, the Colour Selections Consultants, our Liaison Officer, and most especially our Site Supervisor, each and every one were professional, knowledgeable, punctual and very easy to deal with.

We are now getting settled into our new house and are pleasantly surprised that the quality and attention to detail matches the excellence we saw in your display homes.

The final plus for this trip is that the house was delivered ahead of the expected time and within budget - something that I believe is almost unheard of in most housing projects. Again, I believe, is due entirely to the great work of the McDonald Jones Homes staff.