We selected McDonald Jones largely thanks to Rick’s professional service

Karen and I would like to thank Rick for his assistance in building our home with McDonald Jones.

After initially visiting a number of builders, we selected McDonald Jones largely thanks to Rick’s professional service.

His assistance in tailoring the design to suit our block of land was much appreciated. Offering up various designs to suit our block shape and detailing how these layouts would best fit on our block was a service other builders did not offer, and it allowed us to picture what suited best. The budgeted cost also made the choice much easier before going to formal tender.

Rick’s efforts in providing us with the best deal possible, with the special offer packages, inclusions and exclusions made the process quite simple and not confusing. Through the tender process he was able to clarify any questions, which gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision.

Rick’s timely turnaround with answers, design concepts and pricing also allowed us to make decisions quickly.