The MyHome Customer Portal

Your 24/7 view of your new home being built.

Our MyHome Customer Portal provides peace of mind and allows you to view the most current updates as your new home comes to life.

You’ll find photos, progress information about each stage, plus FAQs and documents that will help guide you through your building progress.

You can register any time to use the Portal after you have paid your deposit. An email invitation to register is sent direct to you with all the instructions, or you can visit: to register with your building details.

Anytime access, anywhere

You will have secure 24/7 access once you have paid your deposit, to track the progress of your build and see the photos as your new home comes to life, just log in on your PC or smartphone.


There are quick links to the team building your new home, both phone and email information.

Progress updates

You can check where your new home is up to and what's coming next with status updates on progress and milestone stages, plus information about the next stages. You can also provide your feedback at anytime during the process via Customer feedback surveys or via


You will be able to see your new home come to life with regular uploads of photos of your building progress by your Construction team, which you can download and or share to Facebook to show family and friends.


You will receive notifications whenever there are updates on the progress of building your new home, new photos uploaded or new information you will need to know, this will come via email with links to the information you need.


Read through a selection of FAQ's that will help you better understand the building process.


Documents are uploaded when you reach key milestones with relevant information about that stage to keep you informed.