I just wanted to tell you how impressed we have been with your company

I just wanted to tell you how impressed we have been with your company. We fell in love with a McDonald Jones Homes a few years ago but at the time were told it wouldn't be possible with our land fall. We had engaged another building company last year and although their product was great, we found the customer service a bit of a mess and lost confidence in the company as a result. On the day we had turned up for an appointment with a consultant of that company (who wasn't there!) we walked past the MJH Display home at Shellcove and saw a sign about splits.

Long story short Margaret Johnson spoke to us at great length about what would be possible and even stayed past closing time to help us. Later that week we gave our deposit to begin a partnership with McDonald Jones.

You have a reputation for a quality product, I follow the online commentary closely and have heard the full range of experiences, it is overwhelmingly positive. We have appreciated the transparent pricing structure and flexibility with plans to suit our block, but I really wanted to let you know that for us, Margaret made the difference. There is a long way to go in this build but I wanted to extend to you my gratitude and congratulations in the way McDonald Jones cares for its clients.

Our Building and Design Consultant