Stylish dual occupancy homes in NSW

When you invest in a dual living home, you are investing in the future of your family. Our dual living designs provide independent, self-contained living accommodation under the roof of your main house. This gives you the perfect space for grown children saving for their own home, aging parents, extended family, or beloved visitors.

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Dual living designs

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Soria Dual Living

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Extra space at a great price

Our dual occupancy home designs are light-filled and spacious for a warm welcome. We cleverly crafted the dual living home to provide for all the needs of the modern multi-generational family. Private and fully self-contained, they fit alongside the main residence and are housed under one roof – an innovative twist on the traditional granny flat taking in all the needs of contemporary Australian living with both two-storey and single-storey options.

Self-contained solutions

Our dual living designs are popular because they offer authentic independent living for loved ones. The self-contained home means people of all ages can appreciate peaceful privacy and luxurious living while still being close to loved ones.

And, as you’d expect, the main residences in our dual living home designs have all the trademarks of every McDonald Jones home. There’s no shortage of harmonious spaces where the family can gather to relax and enjoy each other’s company, as well as private areas for relaxing retreats. 

Discover our dual living and granny flat range

Ready to explore dual occupancy living? View the entire dual living and granny flat range that can be built with your new home.

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Dual occupancy homes

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