Havana home design by McDonald Jones

Styling Our Home

Havana home design by McDonald Jones

It’s been well over a year since Tash and her family have moved into their new Havana Executive home and Tash has shared some of her styling advice to create a family home, from selections at the MyChoice Design Studio to everyday life.

The MyChoice Design Studio

The selection process with the MyChoice Design Studio was fantastic. The 'pre selection walkthrough' was very helpful and allowed us to obtain lots of samples of finishes and access to the different choices available for each of the selections we were going to make. At our 'colours' appointment our consultant was wonderful, she was extremely helpful in working within the budget we had set to make any upgrades outside of the standard options and was able to offer professional insight for example selecting interior paint colours which were warm rather than cool in tone. 

Unlike other builders who only offer clients a 'palette' choice with all selections pre-set, we loved that we were able to select all finishes throughout our home. This was very important to us as building a new home we wanted to make sure we were getting the home we wanted.

We were able to choose everything from paint colours, cabinetry, tiling, and benchtops and were given different options for fittings, including taps, baths, screens and door hardware, and external finishes including roof, front door and garage door colours. Even when we couldn’t find flooring that quite suited us, we were grateful to be able to complete our main area and bedroom flooring with a third party after handover. 

Styling after handover

We’ve always want our home to be restful, calming and, above all, a family home. So there is nothing overly precious in our home. Our style would be described as classic - unfussy with clean lines, with warm browns and greys balanced by lots of white and soft colours. We have kept to a light colour palette of white neutrals with variances of grey.

Keep visual clutter to a minimum

Meaningful and purposeful decoration has been the plan. After almost a year in our home, we are still 'decorating' as I prefer to take the time to source items we really love rather than just finding a place filler.

Decorate your kids’ rooms for kids

The children’s bedrooms are almost complete - our 9 year old son requested a black and white room with lots of space to store his books as he loves to read. Our 3 year old daughter was just excited to have two windows in her room!

Both of the children’s bedrooms and the children’s activity area have very considered storage to ensure all toys have a place to return to at the end of the day. Every night before bath time is tidy up time in our house. We have instilled in our children the importance of cleaning up after yourself and taking pride with your possessions and looking after them.

Though this is not always a success - the children know that everything has a place in our home even if its place is non-traditional or not where it’s 'supposed' to live.

Keep items located where you use them

Wine glasses are kept in the laundry above our beverage fridge, craft supplies are kept in the main living room TV unit and the iron is kept in the ensuite cupboard and the ironing board in the master walk in as we usually iron in the master bedroom.

A year into living in our new build and we couldn't be happier.

Mum of two, Tash and her family started building their Havana Executive back in 2016. She’s documented her building journey on Instagram from the concrete slab to daily life inside her new home. You can follow Tash and her amazing styling at havana.life.