Knock Down Rebuild

You live on the perfect piece of land. Big, wide, and right across the road from the park. It’s so good you often hear passers by comment on it. “Now that’s a block of land!” they say. Then they get a look at the shack that sits on top of it. Old, outdated and not making the street look particularly great.

But you put up with it, because the kids are going to school down the road, the neighbours are great, your friends are close by and it’s a stone's throw from everything you need.

Knock Down Rebuild

So Why Not Knock Down Rebuild?

Because your perfect piece of land deserves the perfect home. No need to move from the neighbourhood or community you love, just knock down your existing home and build a new one with McDonald Jones.

We can help you with the knock down, the rebuild and every step in between. You’ll be surprised how affordable and easy it is, with the added benefit of not having to move your life.

So don’t say goodbye to the location you love, say hello to a whole new way to live.

Call 1300 555 382 to for more info or download the Knockdown Rebuild Guide.

Knock Down Rebuild

Step 1

We assess your existing home and location using the information you have from your original purchase contract, and any previous tests and reports that have been conducted on your land. We then discuss any additional reports we may need to purchase.*

*We may be required to purchase reports for your block of land to determine building requirements.

Knock Down Rebuild

Step 2

We work within your needs and budget to help you find the McDonald Jones architecturally designed home that fulfils your hopes and dreams.

We adjust the home options to fit the land, Complying Development Certificate (CDC) and Council Development constraints.

We complete an initial site inspection and you relax as we prepare a comprehensive, company-backed written quotation to give you confidence in taking the next step forward towards your dream home.

Knock Down Rebuild

Step 3

We walk through the quotation with you and discuss the implications.

When you are satisfied with the quotation, you pay an acceptance deposit and are on your way to plan preparation, colour and inclusion selections.

After the Building Plans are approved and the demolition has taken place, the construction begins!

Frequently Asked Knock Down Rebuild Questions

Building a new home is a rewarding experience. In among all the excitement there are big decisions to make and many choices to consider, so it’s natural you will have lots of questions along the way.

At McDonald Jones, we do everything we can to make the process easy for you – after all, we’ve been building beautiful, architecturally designed homes for more than 30 years, and we know how to make your knock down rebuild journey as simple and seamless as it can be.

Knock Down Rebuild Your Perfect New Home Design

Anchorage Home Design - Tivoli Facade - McDonald Jones
On Display


4 Variations
4 - 5 2.5 - 3.5 1 1 2 16.6
Saxonvale New House Designs
On Display


7 Variations
4 - 5 2 - 2.5 2 1 2 12.4
San marino manor at forster grange
On Display

San Marino

8 Variations
4 2 - 2.5 2 13.2
Bronte New House Designs - Acreage Homes
On Display


6 Variations
4 - 5 2.5 2 26.9
Hermitage New House Designs
On Display


4 Variations
4 - 5 2.5 2 30.1
Montrose New House Designs
New Home Design


1 Variations
4 2.5 2 28.7
Miami Executive 16 Cascade D Facade
Best Seller


4 Variations
4 2.5 2 13.2
Havana Encore Facade
Best Seller


10 Variations
4 2 2 12.8
Almeria New House Designs
Best Seller


8 Variations
4 - 5 2 2 11.1
Tulloch New House Designs
On Display


6 Variations
4 2.5 2 8.6
On Display


2 Variations
4 2.5 2 11.3
Bridgetown New House Designs
On Display


5 Variations
4 2 1 2 2 10.7
Avondale New House Designs
Exclusive to Canberra


2 Variations
4 2.5 2 13.3
On Display


3 Variations
4 2 - 2.5 2 10.4
Botanica New House Designs
On Display


1 Variations
4 2 2 13.2
Lexington New House Designs
New Home Design


1 Variations
5 3.5 2 10.8


2 Variations
4 2 2 11


2 Variations
4 2 - 2.5 2 8.5
Discover how easy it is to knock down rebuild

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Drop in to a display centre and chat to one of our Building and Design Consultants. They will be able to explain the whole process and work through all the options with you regarding knocking down your old house, choosing your new home design and planning the build.

Your land deserves better

Find The Perfect One

Look across our range of stylish, architecturally designed new homes, you’re sure to find one perfect for the location you love.

Please complete the enquiry form and someone from our team will be in contact within 24 hours to talk to you about your knock down rebuild enquiry.

Alternatively you can give a design consultant a call on 1300 555 382 or see more contact details on the contact page.