At no time did he give us a feeling that our “dream home” was unobtainable

Ricky, Building & Design Consultant for McDonald Jones, Sterling Green, has from the very first day we met him been very obliging helpful and clear in his understanding of our needs. But also knowledgeable in the company he represents and conveyed interpretation of our needs clearly and eloquently to us. His knowledge of the product/house and all aspects of the development was extensive and at no time did he give us a feeling that our “dream home” was unobtainable. He was positive, but also realistic. We appreciated the extra mile he went to in making sure that the house was positioned well so that we could build a large shed at the rear of the block with good side access.

Ricky is a very valuable asset to the McDonald Jones Team, as his friendly disposition makes our building journey a pleasurable experience rather than one that is fraught with frustration.

We wish to thank Ricky for giving us this opportunity to belong to the lucky club of McDonald Jones Home Owners!

Our Building and Design Consultant