Tara Edmond – our true reasoning for choosing McDonald Jones!

After purchasing our land, the exciting journey of choosing a home started, but our spirits were soon low when we found out what a hard task it would be with the unusual shape of our land. We spent long hours sitting in display homes while they drew up houses that ‘might’ fit, I was over it so I decided to drop off my plans to different builders and leave them with a brief and my email.

Tara from McDonald Jones was the first person to contact me with a perfect option and set up a meeting straight away. Since this day Tara has gone above and beyond to help us get our home rolling, from changing walls and moving cupboards suiting our needs, to sending us messages in her own time with photos of facades that she walked past that Tara knew suited our taste. Her communication skills are amazing, and even though her involvement with us finished, she stayed in contact with us until the day we moved in!

Tara even helped design a good working space for Tamara's home business which we have taken on! The two of us couldn't thank her enough and we are now happily living in our brand new McDonald Jones home.

Our Building and Design Consultant