Shruthi and I were absolutely delighted

I’m astonished, overwhelmed, startled.... ...put all the verbs of surprises together and it would still be less... I’m still floating on all the surprise you offered us yesterday... believe it or not ...I’m still struggling to compose the best thank you email since yesterday.... but yes... I’m going to go free flow...:-).. Thank you very very very much for all the assistance you have provided and offered since we first met.

Shruthi and I were absolutely delighted. And speechless. We drove back home yesterday, without a word. Just glancing at each other and giving smiles of contentment.

Tracey it’s been five years since we settled in this beautiful gifted country and with just the two of us here, not knowing anyone else, with so many unknowns we have managed to work our way through , toiled away to reach this milestone. And believe it or not you have just made us feel that it’s all worth it.

Since this land was settled in our names, I was very keen on speaking with McDonald Jones and we did just that. We are very confident with McDonald Jones because of the quality provided and the reputation as a builder. This would and will be a home that we will yearn to live in for decades to come.

We are very happy with all what we discussed yesterday. Maybe I need to dig deep; I may come up with a minor question or two. Otherwise I’m happy to go ahead with paying the deposit as soon as I receive the amended quotation from you. We look forward to speak to you soon.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.