You made us feel at ease and reassured us at every step

Firstly I would like to start by expressing how sad we are that our journey with you has ended and that we now await our land to register before we can move onto the next stages.

From the beginning you were so patient with us and I sensed that you genuinely had our best interests at heart. Being first home buyers/builders we were really out of our league and had no idea what to expect or the right questions to ask. You made us feel at ease and reassured us at every step.

When we came to you after sending through our land dimensions and our hearts set on the Miami you had to tell us that it wasn’t possible. You could probably pin point the moment my heart broke. Before I even had time to react with anything other than a facial expression you were ready with a solution! To know that you had spent your evening changing floor plans to try and find something that would suit our block was beyond my expectation!

You have since put up with my indecisiveness, but your advice has been amazing and has probably saved you from many deposit variations so again thank you.

Not one step of this process have we felt unsure or nervous and that is testament to you!

Thank you for everything you have done! We can’t wait to have you over once our house is complete to see the home you helped us build.