I think you have some wonderful people in your organisation

In March this year my wife and I took the momentous step to build a house, we are an elderly couple so this was no mean feat on our behalf.

We decided after seeing your fabulous adverts on the TV with Scotty that a McDonald Jones home was what we wanted.

As we reside in Bowral we went along to your Renwick display homes and there we met Sue; what a wonderful, kind, patient lady she is. Sue took us through all the steps explaining everything clearly and precisely.

That was sufficient to convince us that it would be one of your homes we would build.

We then went down to Shell Cove and saw the Sea Side Retreat house, we we sold; that was the one we wanted.

Finally our day to visit the MyChoice centre at Oak Flats arrived, we were met by a most gracious, charming and pleasant young lady by the name of Larissa, her smile brightened up an already bright reception area and her coffee making skills were second to none.

She introduced us to our consultant Vicki, she help us hour after hour to put together all the wonderful things that would eventually make up a most spectacular house.

We also had the pleasure to meet with Brett who I must say has a fantastic grasp of his responsibilities, and during the course of the long day we had the pleasure to meet Lee, another charming member of your McDonald Jones family.

Both Prue and I were treated with kindness and respect by all the the Centre, it is because of such care and consideration that we would have no hesitation recommending one of your fabulous homes to anyone thinking of building.

In closing let me say; I think you have some wonderful people in your organisation, people who think more about what they can do for their employer and the customer's than view their work as merely a means to earn a quid.

Thank you Mr McDonald