I just want to take this time to thank you for yesterday

I just want to take this time to thank you for yesterday. We appreciate your time and thoughts that went into preparing our tender.

We noticed your reaction when you were looking through the pic’s of our home now, it was the same reaction we had when we bought Leonay- we fell in love with it.

When we bought the home we knew we were up for some dollars in what we expected were minor reno’s, but after we moved in, it soon set in that it was going to be a lot more.

I must apologise if Tim and I (more me) seemed a little unsettled yesterday, we’ve had a difficult couple of weeks of family matters and have been super busy trying to organise and prepare for 3 additional little kiddies that will be staying with us for a while; gotta love family..

We’re hopeful that McDonald Jones will be building our forever home and I think what makes this more of a reality was your time, professionalism and upfront honesty. This to us makes a huge difference, especially in knowing what we can expect during this process.

On a side note note, you were right with where you positioned the extra doors on the study and kids activity room.