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When you build with McDonald Jones, you get a team of home builders who know a thing or two about building steel frame homes that stand the test of time in Australia. We've been doing it for over 35 years, and we are proud to set the pace with our industry-leading Supaloc framing system. Made with Australian TRUECORE® steel, this system is exclusive to McDonald Jones single, two storey and split-level homes. 

What is a Steel Frame House?

Steel frame homes are constructed using beams and columns made from highly durable steel that are capable of withstanding tremendous loads. These frames are famed for their durability and weather resistance. Although steel frames have been popular for decades, modern steel frames are precision engineered to fit together perfectly like a puzzle, offering unprecedented stability and durability. 

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Advantages of Structural Steel Homes


Structural steel homes are resistant to termites and other pests that compromise timber structures over time. With a steel frame as the ‘skeletal structure’ of your home, you can expect to save significant amounts of money on maintenance and pest control.  

The Supaloc steel frames in our homes could save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and chemical termite treatments. Supaloc is not only 100% impermeable to termite damage, but the steel frames are also bolted into place ensuring virtually no movement for the life of the home.


The components of steel frames are bolted into place to ensure complete safety, even in the face of extreme Australian weather conditions. Unlike timber structures that can warp, rot and bend over years, a steel frame house remains structurally sound for generations.

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50-year structural warranty

Supaloc and Truecore

A steel frame design by McDonald Jones uses Supaloc frames reinforced with TrueCore steel. Each home is built using this high-quality steel, with precision installation capabilities and is protected by a 50-year structural warranty. 

The whole thing locks together

Strong, durable Interlocking system

As expert steel home builders, we make sure that you get the best possible product on the market. Supaloc steel frames are unique because every component is locked and bolted to create an interlocking system that is more stable than any timber frame. 

The critters can't eat it

100% termite-proof

McDonald Jones Supaloc steel frames are 100% termite-proof…no ifs, buts or maybes. When it comes to termite resistance in your home, there is no safer option than steel framing.

Home designs for every requirement

With over three decades of home design and construction experience, McDonald Jones has a vast and varied range of home designs. No matter your style, budget or lifestyle, our passionate home-building team would love to bring your specific home design to life. We offer a range of customisation options, as well as varied floor plans, facades and styles to fit every unique lifestyle.

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Interested in getting a closer look at our state-of-the-art steel frame design homes? Contact McDonald Jones online to schedule a visit to one of our display homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Southern Highlands or Canberra Region. 

We've perfected the steel frame

McDonald Jones, Supaloc and TrueCore

Supaloc’s engineering ensures each component of the steel frame system is unique to your home, manufactured with unparalleled precision and then locked together with patented brackets and connections so your home is safer, stronger and more secure. The unique factory fitted connections of Supaloc mean there’s simply no room for error. The Supaloc System - Unmatched in strength and performance.

The very best for your home

From stylish inner city residences to grand country manors, we never stray away from our commitment to quality or affordability. We cater for every taste and lifestyle, from budget-conscious first homebuyers to downsizers and growing families. McDonald Jones Ambassador and Gold Logie winner for his work on ‘The Block’, Scott Cam says “I know a great home when I see one! Homes built by McDonald Jones don’t just look the part, they’re built using the best of everything. They’re architecturally designed and include fantastic living areas with awesome outdoor living spaces the whole family can enjoy.”

Extraordinary, inside and out

It’s not just Scotty who loves Supaloc steel frames

Keith ‘The Foreman’ Schleiger, also renowned for his work on The Block, is a stickler for perfection and has come on board to share the numerous strengths and benefits that Supaloc steel framing brings to new home owners and builders alike. From top to bottom and inside and out, our homes are impressive and built with the best of everything.

McDonald Jones steel frame homes

saxonvale two storey home design stewart everitt
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tulloch 31 one two storey home design
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bronte single storey acreage home design
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Hermitage Newhampton Facade
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We have one of the largest ranges of home designs in the business, but we know you want something that’s totally unique. A home you can call your own. At McDonald Jones, we use our vast experience to help you create ‘the one’. No matter what lifestyle, land, location or budget we mould our designs to suit individual needs.

* Warranty currently offered for residential applications only and is subject to application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building for a warranty, visit warranties.bluescopesteel.com.au or call BlueScope on 1800 800 789.