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The great Australian dream of building a new home is an exciting and rewarding experience and we understand how important it is to work out your finances; from the cost of building your new home to the ongoing repayments of your home loans.

That’s why we offer a range of home loan calculators so you can look at all the options across a range of scenarios to help you take the next step in your home building journey. The MyChoice Home Loans team also offer a Free Financial Health Check, so we can help get your dream of a new home started sooner.

We hope you find these home loan calculators helpful. If you would like to speak to a construction loan specialists, we invite you to contact the experienced team at MyChoice Home Loans, who can take the hassle of trying to work through lenders and the endless paperwork, which can be incredibly overwhelming. 

MyChoice Home Loans removes the stress of finding your own finance and makes securing the funds for your dream home easy, enjoyable, and uncomplicated.

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Relax and really focus on the exciting stuff

We have access to loans from a wide range of lenders, helping to secure the best loan for your individual requirements. The expertise and experience we have within the construction industry and with your builder allows our loan specialists to walk you through every aspect of funding your new home.

Build a home, build your savings

Watch your dream home come to life and we’ll help cover the interest on your mortgage while you build.

Financial tools

With this incredible tool, you can find out how much you can possibly borrow for a new home based on your current salary and existing commitments. More information
When you’re buying a new home, budgeting is essential to being able to afford your loan payments. This tool asks for your annual income and expenses in order to help you better understand your financial position. More information
Shortening the length of your loan term by making additional repayments over and above your current repayments can provide significant interest savings. Calculate your savings with our extra repayments tool. More information
Want to know how long it will take you to repay your loan? It all depends on the repayment amount. See for yourself how long it would take to pay out your loan by altering your repayment amount. More information
Understand the difference between two current home loans on the market. Make a direct comparison to determine which delivers the best value over the term of the loan. More information
Get an easy way to calculate what your minimum weekly, fortnightly or monthly loan repayment would be on your borrowed amount. More Information
If you're looking for a way to save significant amounts of money on interest as well as shorten your loan repayment period, use this calculator. Find out how much you can save by making a one-off lump sum repayment on top of your current repayments. More Information
Thinking about your financial future? Set a savings goal. This tool can project how much you can accumulate over time with an initial amount and ongoing contributions. More Information
Stamp duty varies from state to state. Use this state specific calculator to see how much stamp duty will be payable on the purchase of your new home or land. More Information

Guides to get you started

MyChoice Home Loans removes the stress of finding your own finance - we make securing the funds for your dream home easy, enjoyable and uncomplicated. Download our handy Construction Loan and First Home Buyer Guides. They cover everything you need to get started, minus the bank-speak. Simple and easy.

Home construction loan guide

We make it easy!

To discover more about how we can help find the best loan for your new home, call us on 1300 786 908 or visit the MyChoice Home Loans Website.

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