Our second McDonald Jones home

We have recently completed and moved into our second McDonald Jones home, The Beach House. Of note, this is now the 4th McDonald Jones home that has been built within our immediate family.

We are writing to commend to you the many individuals that have made this process possible, but in particular our supervisor G.W. He not only provided us with a wonderful home, but has ensured through his actions and communication that the whole construction experience was tremendous. He treated us with respect, was completely open and honest with us, and his policy of onsite visits to follow the progress of the construction and afford us the opportunity to ask questions and resolve issues ensured a seamless and productive relationship.

From the beginning we were very pleased to have G.L at Fern Bay assist us with the purchase, regular interaction with L.P who always greets each phone call and customer with a genuine pleasantness and enthusiasm, and J.P who guided us with colour selection and how to spend even more money than we had planned. Even the contract process was seamless.

Whilst each of these people played an important role, the most significant relationship of all is with the construction supervisor. It is during this relationship that our hopes and dreams for a new life in an amazing new home are either built up with anticipation, or progressively destroyed with frustrations, lies and poor communication.
We were incredibly privileged that G.W was selected as our supervisor, and his honesty, professionalism, desire to incorporate us in the construction process and most of all the respect he showed us certainly sets a benchmark for all other construction companies to meet and is truly an example that McDonald Jones can be exceedingly proud of.