Industrial Interior Design for Urban Homes

Urban Industrial Interior Design

Urban industrial interior design style guide for homes in NSW

Bold metallic surfaces, large open interior spaces and exposed structural elements are characteristic of modern industrial interior design. Exposed brick, stone, ceiling pipes, ducts, and metal or timber beams are also elements of this style.

Concrete, timber, leather, and red brick are popular materials in industrial interior design. Your home’s industrial interior will also use elements such as stainless-steel kitchen benches, metal light fixtures, oversized timber benches and vintage pieces to complement the space.

To make your industrial interior design more welcoming, expose earthy colour brickwork, add warm timber pieces, and finally, use soft furnishings, pillows and throws to complete the look of your  industrial style interior design.

McDonald Jones Homes can build your industrial style home in NSW now. 

Urban industrial style

McDonald Jones specialises in urban industrial house style with inclusions that provide the ultimate in modern luxury. Whether you want a two-storey narrow block home like the Lancaster or a single storey like our popular Lucia design, our complete collection allows you to maximise living space and embrace the beauty of functional, indoor-outdoor living in a style that matches the way you live.

Industrial style interior design inspiration

Be inspired by the Industrial style interior design of these stunning display homes. Walk through the Saxonvale 42 at Thornton HomeWorld, theLancaster 29 at HomeWorld Lepptingon and the Sevilla 28 at HomeWorld Marsden Park.

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    Make your new home's industrial interior uniquely yours

    Creating that perfect look and feel for home's industrial interior is made easy thanks to our MyChoice Design Studio. Our expert team present all of the products for your new home and supply the advice to help you customise any aspect to bring your vision to life. Our expert interior designers and lighting specialists are there to guide you through every step, ensuring that your new home meets your definition of perfect.


    Home Loans

    Searching for the right loan for your industrial interior styled home? We make it easy. We are here to find our the right home loan... while you relax and really focus on the exciting stuff. We have access to loans from a wide range of lenders.