Our supervisor Brett was one of the most capable men we have had the pleasure to do business with

As a recent home builder through your company I would like to hail the praises of a few of your very capable and hard working employees, having built a home many years ago i was very concerned in starting another as I thought I would be starting months of nightmares as experienced before, {NOT SO}  Our supervisor Brett was one of the most capable men we have had the pleasure to do business with, from the day the dirt was turned the house went up from one stage to another without any dramas, or not that we were aware of anyway, he kept us informed of all stages that the progress was at.

He in our minds is a great benefit to your company, he is true to his word, very organised,and most important to your company he cares about his home owners, this genius of a man built our home in 16 weeks from start to finish allowing us to be able to move in Christmas week, we will always be grateful to Brett for his endurance in the completion of our home.

The second praise I would like to hail is to Levi, our co-ordinator she also was very professional in her duties, she endeavoured to answer any query we may have had through the build, she is also a great asset ro your company, she was always very polite, she has a lovely happy disposition and puts her clients at ease at all times, we thank Levi very much for all her hard work and great effort she put in to make our experience with McDonald Jones a wonderful stress free experience.

Last but not least, Larissa at Oak Flats office, she is just a delight, bubbly, happy, professional to the max, I actually miss going in to see her, thank you Larissa you are a very very intricate cog in that professional wheel that turns McDonald Jones, in closing this email all of you that have had a part in making our beautiful retirement home what it is we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we feel that not only did we have all of you working to bring it all together we feel we made some very good friends in the process of it all.

Many many thanks and gratitude to all concerned’