I am writing this letter to give some hopefully valued feedback on our dealings with your company over the last year.

My wife Trish and I have recently moved into our new McDonald Jones built Avoca home in Renwick, NSW.

Firstly I would like to commend your staff at the display home here in Renwick, from memory the ladies name was Sue and she was patient and very helpful, considering when we came to you we were about to sign on the dotted line with GJ Gardner's and build with them, Sue was fantastic and helped Trish and I make the correct choices, Sue returned our calls promptly, had plans and ideas drawn up for us and generally was amazing in her role.

We then moved onto the selections process which was also a pleasure to do with your staff at Oak Flats, the process was painless and actually very enjoyable, which neither of us were expecting.

Levi was assigned to us as our client liaison officer, we had very good dealings with Levi to start with, my wife was going away for a month overseas and Levi pulled out all stops to make sure we had a contracts ready to sign and that the paperwork went to council while my wife was away, Levi was a pleasure to deal with.

I am sure by now you might be able to tell that I am somewhat of a stickler for quality and customer service, I am a sales rep myself and I honestly felt compelled to write this letter to your company and share my experiences with you.

There was one main person who actually went so far and beyond his call of duty that he is the sole reason I decided to write to you, Mark was our site supervisor and I cannot express enough just how fantastic this man was to deal with, Mark introduced himself to me professionally and was more than happy to answer ALL of my questions.

I am a first time home builder and coming from a non building background, I found it very hard at times to comprehend exactly the processes that were taking place around us, I am sure that I am not Mark’s worst customer to date, however I am very picky when it comes to quality, hence choosing to build with McDonald Jones and I am sure I gave Mark a fairly hard time with literally 1000’s of questions and query's throughout the entire process. Right up until the very end, Mark remained professional, courteous, understanding and always willing to try and meet my requests no matter how trivial.

Many times, Mark met me onsite outside of hours when I am sure he would have rather been on his way home, this was usually because I work strange hours.
Mark, helped point me in the correct direction with installing our fireplace, he did not need to help with this as this was something that was being done by us, however being an expert builder and gentleman that he was, he didn’t want to see us doing things the incorrect way and have to redo them again and again, he told me exactly what needed to be done to make this happen.

Mark, also went above and beyond buy arranging for the site to be handed back to us for a weekend so as we could install our own ducted aircon, I am sure that this was a very big pain for Mark to organise and something that my wife and I are very grateful for.
Many times throughout the process Mark returned my voicemails on a Friday evening or even Saturday’s as he knew that’s when I had time to chat about the build process.
There is many more things that this man did to impress both my wife and myself along the way but I will not list them all here.

I will however mention that my wife and I were living in our family home in Luddenham while this build was happening, we had a deadline to meet when leaving the property as it was being bulldozed to make way for the new Badgery’s Creek Airport, this deadline was going to undershoot your completion date for handover by about three weeks. I mentioned this to Mark and he made arrangements for his Boss to complete the walkthrough of our house sooner and also for all work to be completed slightly ahead of time.
I am so grateful to Mark for making this happen as we would have had nowhere else to go for those Three weeks in between, again another example of this man going above and beyond.

I would like to say that my wife and I are looking to build again in the next year or so in the same area, I am 100% certain that we will be building with MacDonald Jones again.

All of your staff who guided us along the way were fantastic, however I felt it important to specifically mention our site supervisor as he is a true asset to your company, I will be recommending McDonald Jones homes to others in the future no doubt, this has been a fantastic process and one that we hope to share again with you.

Once again, a massive thank you all the staff that helped make our dream become a reality but most of all, thank you to Mark for all his hard efforts and patience, I would appreciate you passing on my greatest thanks to Mark and possibly forwarding him a copy of this letter, he should be recognised for his efforts, customer service is very overlooked these days, especially in an industry like this.

Thank you in advance for reading my letter and also for passing on our praise to your staff.