We would say that it is our super awesome consultant

If someone asks us what was the major factor in selecting McDonalds Jones Homes then, without any doubt, we would say that it is our super awesome consultant Nathan Klein. Yay!

Not sure how to put it into words how exciting this journey so far was under the guidance of Nathan. We are basically very skeptical about the nitty-gritty of things and the understanding and patience Nathan has shown is commendable.

Initially, we wanted to go with a single storey but Nathan knew that, for our lot and requirements, it would only become perfect if it is a double storey. He patiently sat together with us and made us understand that the single storey design would turn out to be a not-so-happy home if we try to sneak in all our requirements in that. Since this is our first home, we were not familiar with the different technicalities and concepts but Nathan stood with us compassionately answering all the trivial questions we had about our dream home.

The most memorable part was that during the Tender finalisation and design draft phase, Nathan was on vacation for his wedding and still he managed to triage and sort out a couple of blockers which itself testifies the pure care and commitment he shows towards his clients. Even after the design draft was out, he was willing to sit with us and helped to understand the final draft which was like an icing on the cake.

We would definitely recommend McDonald Jones Homes to our friends and family just because of you Nathan :)