Duo Living 1

Design Profile - The Duo Dual Living

Duo Living 1

As young adults live with their parents longer and with an increasing ageing population, McDonald Jones is proud to announce the Duo range – dual living home designs that gives independence and space to families in the comfort and security of their own home. 

Housing affordability is becoming a growing issue and responding to this McDonald Jones has created the exciting Duo 1, 2 and 3 home designs to offer dual, multi-generational living under the one roof. National Sales Manager, Phil Haigh explains the inspiration behind the design. “Years ago we called it the granny flat and with clever design we can cost effectively make it all work under the one roof. We noticed a lot of customers with children that were young adults, these children were saving for their own new home while still living with their parents, so the Duo home designs give them, or visitors, a private space to enjoy freedom.”

The independent living space has a complete guest suite, kitchen and large living area for dining and entertaining which opens onto the alfresco living area. Other options include a private alfresco or garden area as well.

“As well as young adults or guests, we have an ageing population, which is growing and relatively healthy. The Duo range allows for independent living without the cost of a nursing or retirement home, so family finances aren’t whittled away,” adds Phil.

The flexible home designs have been approved through the NSW Housing Code for quick approval and are perfect for a 15x30m block or larger. “It’s important that our designs answer the shifting needs of society. The Duo 1, 2 and 3 are a strong addition to the suite of McDonald Jones designs,” Phil adds.

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