Incredible 7 Star value included

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At McDonald Jones, we are adding incredible 7 Star value into your new home to keep you saving long into the future, including double glazing, solar and more energy-efficient inclusions than ever before, all at no extra cost!*

The future looks bright, and at McDonald Jones, we are committed to building you a better home for tomorrow. Talk to our expert team about all the ways we can build extra 7 star savings into your new home today.

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Why 7 star?

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Included in your 7 Star home

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Many elements in a home contribute to how it achieves its thermal energy rating, including the climate zone of where you build in NSW and ACT, how you optimise the orientation of your home on your block, and the inclusions factored into your build. This makes your new home unique in achieving the required 7 Stars. 

To give you more certainty and peace of mind when looking for a builder, McDonald Jones will include everything you need to reach BASIX 7 Star compliance to any of our standard designs, which also builds in more value into your home right from the start.

At McDonald Jones, we are committed to building better, so for no extra cost, your 7-Star inclusions will include:

  • Double glazing to windows and doors throughout
  • Ceiling fans in all bedrooms
  • R6.0 ceiling insulation (house area only)
  • Whirlybirds and roof vents

PLUS, enjoy added comfort with our design-specific inclusions:

Single Storey

  • R2.2 insulation to the external walls of habitable rooms
  • R1.3 foil blanket to Colorbond roof

Two Storey

  • R2.2 insulation to the external walls of habitable rooms
  • R2.2 insulation throughout all internal walls
  • R4.1 subfloor insulation
  • R1.8 foil blanket to Colorbond roof

What is 7 Star?

The Australian Government has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. This promise has led to the announcement of changes to the National Construction Code along with an increase in the BASIX standards for energy use and thermal performance for all new home builds in New South Wales. On 1 October 2023, the energy rating requirement for new homes increased from 5.5 stars to 7 stars. 

Benefits of a 7 Star home

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The increase of NatHERS 7 stars will deliver significant improvement in the thermal comfort for new homes and add increased value to new homes with ongoing savings well into the future. By building a 7 star home, you will help move Australia to a greener, smarter future, whilst benefiting from the savings of an energy efficient home that offers:

  • Less energy use. 
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Lower greenhouse emissions.
  • Reduced heat loss and gains through roofs, walls and floors due to thermal bridging.
  • Lighter roof colours and external walls in warmer climates to reduce heat gain.
  • Energy efficiencies with lower heating and cooling demand. 
  • Better air movement.
  • More energy efficient appliances.
  • Better insulation.
  • Inclusion of rooftop solar.

Incredible 7 Star value included



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Terms and Conditions

*The “McDonald Jones 7-Star Included" offer ends when withdrawn by McDonald Jones Homes (the Promotion Period). The offer includes 7-star BASIX compliance at no extra cost to standard and unaltered McDonald Jones designs, subject to these conditions. McDonald Jones will achieve the 7-star compliance at no extra cost through a combination of design and product selection at its discretion including higher rated insulation, double glazing to windows or doors, ceiling fans, dimensions of windows and doors and the selection of preferential orientation and roof and window frame colour. 
Additional costs may apply to achieve 7 Star compliance to home designs with upgraded features including raked ceilings, splashback windows, two storey internal voids, external cladding, facades featuring less than 15 degree pitched roofs, split level designs or the Massena house design and bearer & joist construction. 

To be eligible for the "7-Star Included” offer a tender must be requested within the Promotional Period, an acceptance fee must be paid within 14 days of the tender issue date and a Building Agreement signed within 90 days of the acceptance fee being paid. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions offered by McDonald Jones Homes.

The McDonald Jones 7-Star Included promotion is not transferable or exchangeable. Any images associated with this promotion, and all other collateral, print materials, website and online products of McDonald Jones are for illustrative purposes only and may feature products not offered. NSW: McDonald Jones Homes Pty Ltd ABN 82 003 687 232 NSW BLN 41628 T/A McDonald Jones Homes. ACT: McDonald Jones Homes (Canberra) Pty Ltd ABN 64 150 533 298 ACT BLN 20121296.