Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

NSW Customer Service Manager, Sharon Hill and Sales Director Phil Haigh answer some of our most common questions including; When do we go to council? When are we getting the keys? And more...

1) When are we going to Council?
This is by far the most common question people ask and before we get to council. We have a bit of paperwork that our Client Liaison Officer works through. Things like checking developer guidelines, mine subsidence, waterboard approvals and then we head to council.

McDonald Jones also has a team of Council Coordinators whose sole purpose is to get all the paperwork right for council.

2) When are we getting the keys?
This is the second most common question and is based on the schedule we set in the building contract. While natural elements can cause delays, we deliver on schedule 99% of the time. Your dedicated building supervisor can give you regular updates on the progress of the build.

3) Do you offer flexible designs?
Keeping the integrity and function of the architect’s design is important. McDonald Jones have created flexibility in home designs without compromising the intuitive flow of our designs. This allows for expansions and adaptions to suit the individual needs of your lifestyle and land size.

4) What about changes and upgrades?
McDonald Jones pride themselves on options to ensure your home becomes a space you can truly call your own. This is why we allow for different levels of finishes, appliances and even raised coffered ceilings.

If you’ve got a “must have”, then talk with your “can do” team at McDonald Jones, we’ll strive to make it happen!