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Unlocking your home's potential, for a greener, smarter future

From 1 July, we are excited to partner with leading solar provider, SolarPay by Stoddart Group, to work towards a greener future for everyday Australians in the new homes we build.

As the largest residential home builder in New South Wales, we want to ensure we are leading the way to make our homes smarter, more sustainable and future-ready for generations to come with solar panels on your new roof, PLUS an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger in every McDonald Jones garage.

And the best bit, it all pays for itself*.

We're excited to build today, the home you'll need tomorrow.

About SolarPay

How SolarPay works:

  • Installation of your home solar panels takes place during the construction of your home to put the roof to work
  • You can access power from your solar system instead of buying it from the grid once you move in
  • Every day the sun shines, you're a day closer to owning it outright
  • It's yours to keep in just 60 months (or sooner if you like)

What do you get with SolarPay

For all new homes quoted after 1 July 2021, during your build, the Stoddart Group will install:

  • 6.6kW Solar Panel System with Tier 1 Jinko Panels and 5kw SolaX Inverter
  • Free Electric Vehicle (EV) car charger in your new garage
  • Solar Inverter installed during construction for a nice clean look
  • Smart Energy App to track your usage and solar power on your phone

SolarPay Upgrade Options

You can also choose to upgrade any SolarPay options at our MyChoice Design Studio to suit your lifestyle needs, such as:

  • Adding even more solar panels to your roof for larger families
  • Adding a Solax battery to your home
  • Upgrading your EV Car Charger for higher use

Own your solar panels outright

You can also choose to own the solar panels from your roof outright if you'd like, or a year or two later, or just forget they are up there and they are yours to keep in just 60months. Stoddart Group also include a 10year warranty on all solar components.

SolarPay by Stoddart Group

Solar panels

Get rooftop solar for your new home

Miami Executive 16 Cascade D Facade
Best Seller


4 Variations
4 2.5 2 13.2
Miami Encore 16 Facade
On Display

Miami Encore

3 Variations
4 2.5 2 13.8
Havana Encore Facade
Best Seller


10 Variations
4 2 2 12.8
Retreat at Waterford Living
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1 Variations
4 2.5 2 14.2
Lancaster New House Designs
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3 Variations
4 2.5 2 9
Seaside Retreat New House Designs
On Display

Seaside Retreat

4 Variations
4 2.5 2 13.2
Saxonvale New House Designs
On Display


9 Variations
4 - 5 2 - 2.5 2 1 2 12.4
Hampton B Facade - St Clair Double Level Home Design - McDonald Jones
On Display

St. Clair

5 Variations
4 2.5 2 10.2
Australian New Home Designs Anchorage by McDonald Jones
On Display


4 Variations
4 - 5 2.5 - 3.5 1 1 2 16.6
On Display


3 Variations
4 2 - 2.5 2 10.4
Salamanca Grove Facade
New Home Design


2 Variations
3 - 4 2 2 10.7
Portillo Northport Facade
New Home Design


1 Variations
4 2 2 13
Mendoza Alverston Facade
New Home Design


1 Variations
4 2 2 12.9
Toledo Norfolk Facade
New Home Design


1 Variations
4 2 2 12.9
On Display


2 Variations
4 2 2 2 11.3

Terms and Conditions

*The Stoddart Group SolarPay Solar Panels and Electric Vehicle Car Charger is applicable to all new requested tenders from 1 July 2021.
McDonald Jones agrees to provide an upgraded metering smartbox to facilitate the integrated Stoddart SolaX inverter installed during construction.
Stoddart Group (supplier) to install 6.6kW Solar System with Tier 1 Jinko Panels and 5kW SolaX Inverter should you choose to enter a contract to allow the supplier to install the SolarPay solar system on your roof during construction. The supplier will own the solar output for the first 60months and you will have the option to buy the solar electricity produced at a discounted rate during this period. 
After 60 months you will own the solar system outright with the output and have access to all the benefits of solar energy for your own use and to sell back to the grid. You also have the option to purchase the system outright at any time.
To access the discounted solar electricity, you must have an account with Powershop, who will offer a discount off its standard rates for all solar electricity used for the first 60 months. Customer is free to change electricity suppliers at any time.
An Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger will be installed in your garage during construction by Stoddart Group.
This offer only applies to new homes built by McDonald Jones in NSW (excluding ACT) on any applicable design that can accommodate the basic array of panels. Speak to your Building and Design Consultant to find out more.

For more information on SolarPay visit or call 1300 983 668