your ultimate guide to industrial interior style from McDonald Jones

Your ultimate guide to industrial interior style

your ultimate guide to industrial interior style from McDonald Jones

What most interior design schemes look to hide from sight, modern, industrial design keeps in plain view.

Industrial interior styling for commercial spaces, apartments and modern homes around Australia and the world has become a growing trend. As opposed to finishing every space and styling it to perfection, this look actually thrives on the raw qualities of imperfection to create a ‘warehouse look’ that is both functional and stylish.

Think recycled timbers, copper and metal surfaces, vintage furniture and functional yet stylish décor and you will probably have a fairly accurate picture of an industrial themed home in your mind.

Are you looking at creating this quirky, contemporary look in your own home?

Here are our tips to get you started.

  1. Start with a neutral base – accessories for this style are bold and full of texture. Neutral colours are favoured for the base of this look so that the style does not become too overpowering and busy.
  2. Timber or concrete look flooring – if you are in the process of building your new home and are looking for industrial themed ideas for your Selections Appointment in the MyChoice Design Studio, take a look at some of the timber or concrete look flooring that is available. The effect of these flooring types are stunning. You can see this look for yourself in the Sevilla on display at HomeWorld Marsden Park if you love the raw timber look or the Essington One Elite at Wallis Creek if you prefer concrete inspired flooring.
  3. Pendant lights are a must – pendant lighting and floor lamps really complement this look. Choose lighting in a metal-finish or distressed material, such as copper or concrete, to bring the raw look into your living hub. For some inspiration, have a look at the pendant lighting in the gourmet kitchen of the Botanica, on display at Housing World Nowra.
  4. Unlikely items make great accessories for an industrial-inspired style – machine parts, old lanterns, leather, metal and steel decor, wire cages, plants, metal wheels, pipes, rusted chains, old cogs, handwoven and knotted rugs, metal lockers and handmade cushions are a nice way to bring this look to life. When it comes to choosing the accessories for your home, think quirky and unexpected to create this look.
  5. Interesting furniture - stone and concrete benchtops and tables, metal framed bookcases, richly textured, wooden coffee tables that unveil all their unique imperfections, repurposed vintage furniture, plush leather lounges and hand produced furniture are perfect for this style. Modern furnishings with clean lines and in neutral tones add to the industrial theme of your home.

As with any other style that you choose to bring into your home, remember to keep your décor simple and functional. You don’t want to overdo the look and this will ensure your home’s style is timeless.

For more inspiration on creating the Industrial style in your new home, visit the Pinterest board ‘Industrial Interior Style’.

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