Fabulous New Facade Designs


No matter what you call it - street appeal or kerbside style is such an important part of the design process for a new home.  
Our team are constantly working on new façade designs to inspire the perfect exterior for your dream home. 
Read on to discover our newest designs and top tips on what you should consider when selecting and deciding on your new façade. 

House Façade Design

The exterior plays a crucial role in the look and feel of a home, the outdoor living spaces and also its value now and into the future.
When you are looking to create a great home, you need to consider style and function above anything else. Consider the look of the overall facade, as well as the styles of the homes in the surrounding local area and how you want your home to sit within that context.

The great news is that with all the advancements in design, products and materials, there are so many more façade options, which are both appealing and highly functional, that you can choose from than ever before.

Four Top Tips For Your Façade

Consider the following to create your perfect façade:
1. The use of materials that accent the style and cohesively define the design of the home.
2. Decorative lighting to amplify the design and streetscape of your home.
3. Creative landscaping to create the impact you want your home to portray.
4. Use of glass in your windows, doors and panels to connect your home to its natural environment and amplify light within the home.
5. Unique colours and texture to personalise your home, so it is uniquely yours.
Read on to see our two new contemporary facades now available.

Contemporary Façade with a Skillion Roof

The Bonita B Façade for the Seaview has joined the suite of ten facades available within the Seaview design. The Bonita B brings a coastal, beachy look that offers an alternative to a traditional roof line with its sloping skillion or pitch roofline.
The other features of this façade are the range of different materials included, such as brick, render, cladding and timber that accentuate the style of the façade, seen in the feature stone, brick stack or the porch timber battens. 
The contemporary design includes a large window feature and a brilliant high ceiling at the Entry, allowing an abundance of natural light to flow into the home and Master Suite.

For those who are looking at alternatives to the Seaview design but love the look of the skillion roofline, we have a range of homes that include this coastal look:

The original Bonita façade is available on our San Marino Manor and Santa Monica, whilst the Accent façade is available on our Miami and Seaside Retreat. The Leighton is on the Lakeside, Osprey is available on the Anchorage and the Noosa B on the St. Tropez. 
If you are interested in a Country Living design, you could look at the Montrose with the Slate façade or Sheoak façade. 
Across the Two Storey range – we have the Alkina facade on the Saxonvale, the Ashcroft on the St. Clair, Akora on the Sevilla, the Airlie or Whitaker on the Massena, Bateau on the Lancaster, and the Whitaker on the Tribeca or Lexington designs. 

The Box Modern Façade

Our new Antwerp facade for the Cumbria design from the Country Living Collection, showcases the simplicity and impact of modernism and offers a wealth of possibilities. 
This box style façade creates an ultra-modern architectural feel with its sharp geometric lines for a high-impact façade.
This style of facade uses a range of different materials such as brick, render, cladding such as Axon from James Hardie.

If this modern façade design appeals to you, check out the Sapphire or Scenic façade on the Montrose home which is also from our Country Living Collection.
This modern box style façade suits many of our single and two-storey designs, here are some other you may be interested in:
Stuart Everitt Collection - Anchorage with the Tivoli facade, Lakeside with the Toorak façade, San Marino Manor with the Kopa facade, Santa Monica with the Invanhoe façade.
Two Storey – Sevilla with the Merchant facade, the Castleton with the Astoria afacde, Lancaster with the Akron, Whistler with the Avenue or Kendrick façade.

Just remember – a visually appealing home is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to selling your house, so speak with our team of Building and Design Consultants who would love to assist you to select your ideal façade for the design that you love now and into the future. 

We invite you to visit a McDonald Jones Display Home today to find how you can transform the way you live.