Santa Monica- Bonita Facade- McDonald Jones

Top 5 Beautiful Skillion Roof Ideas

Santa Monica- Bonita Facade- McDonald Jones

Skillion roofs, when incorporated into a home correctly, can become an elegant and eye-catching design feature. We have built a number of homes with Skillions, so we encourage you to explore this design in the more detail below.

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Butterfly or Single?

When it comes to the skillion roof, designers have a choice. They can choose to go with a single skillion, making the roof dramatic, elegant and eye-catching. Alternatively, they can choose the butterfly effect.

The butterfly roof involves using two skillion roofs and having them meet in the middle and slope outwards from each other. This creates a butterfly, wing-like effect, adding a contemporary finish to any home.

Matching Your Needs

A skillion roof differs from traditional flat roofs in its ability to be customised in order to better match the home needs. Typically, the roof slopes down from one side of the house to the other, adding an eye-catching design feature to any home in its own right.

The most spectacular aspect of the skillion roof is the way in which you can adjust the design as you require. Skillion roofs range from dramatic sweeps and curves to elegant and minimalist designs.

Multiple Roof Sections

For larger homes, it is likely that they will require multiple roof sections, making them stand out from the crowd.

Industrial Inspired Designs

Incorporating the skillion roof into an industrial-inspired design is a route which many modern Australians are deciding to take. The materials commonly used to build a skillion roof naturally lend themselves to an industrial-inspired design, with metal finishes adding a strong character to any home.

Modern Homes

The beauty of the skillion roof also lies in its ability to be adapted to meet the needs of a modern design. The way it brings volume to a home is a glamorous advantage for those seeking to build a Mid-Century Modern home.

Traditional Designs

Although the skillion roof is best suited to modern designs, many traditional home builders also choose to engage with the skillion roof. It adds a design feature to any home and its materials can be adjusted to match the colours and design of a more traditional home as well.

Mixing Rustic with Modern

Adding a skillion roof to an otherwise rustic design can add an eye-catching touch of modernity, suitable for both cheap homes and otherwise. When choosing to take a route like this, builders consider choosing a butterfly skillion roof as opposed to a single slate. This adds another dimension to the design.

Take a Look at Our Gallery

The best way to gain a better understanding of how a skillion roof could add a gorgeous design feature to your future home would be through having a look at our online gallery. Homes ranging from traditional to contemporary, like the Massena, Lexington, Miami, Seaside Retreat and Lakeside designs, were all built with skillion roofs. The skillion roof will look great in any modern setting.

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