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At McDonald Jones Homes, we specialise in country style homes. Some people think of an expensive country home as somewhere residing kilometres away from the city – but rest assured, a country home can be a affordable house as well as a luxurious one. 

What Landscapes Are Suited to Country Style Homes?

Country style homes are ideally suited to, as the name suggests, the country. However, this doesn’t have to be inaccessibly remote. The main thing you need for an affordable country house is a block of land with a suitable amount of acreage. There are three main considerations here.

Firstly, a country home should be situated deep enough into the block that there’s a decent amount of buffer between your home and surrounding blocks and roads. The sense of subtle seclusion is key to country style living.

Secondly, a beautiful country landscape to admire is a big part of the reason you’d choose a country home in the first place – so backdrop scenery (perhaps mountains or trees) is a must.

Finally, country style homes are based on the idea of space and freedom – so you want a block big enough to accommodate the vast layout of a country home. You can’t fit a spacious home into a tiny block.


A Sense of Space and Freedom

A country style home affords you the magic of wide-open spaces, big blue skies, and a sense of space and freedom. At McDonald Jones Homes, we offer a range of luxury acreage home designs ideally suited to take advantage of wide rural lots. Our homes feature grand facades, expansive windows, and open-plan layouts where the living spaces flow into one another. At the same time, we are able to customise our floor plans to suit any family’s unique needs.

What Extra Advantages Does a Country Style Home Have?

In addition to the unique opportunities that the country house itself affords in terms of space and usability, there are many other benefits that are included. Choosing a rural block with sufficient acreage lets you design and create the garden you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine a beautiful garden in which to host lunches or an afternoon tea. Alternatively, build a vegetable patch to grow fresh vegetables and fruit straight from the garden and onto the table! If you’re an animal lover, a more rural block gives you the space that your cats and dogs will love. Imagine how much happier your pets will be with wide-open space rather than cramped into an urban environment.

Hermitage Grande Encore

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McDonald Jones Homes provide excellence and affordability to realise your country home dream. With over 30 years of experience, our team will help to transform your life with our beautiful new country style homes.

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