Sevilla 28- Merchant Facade- McDonald Jones

Pros and Cons of a Narrow House Design

Sevilla 28- Merchant Facade- McDonald Jones

People can feel a bit trapped when they buy a small, narrow or strangely shaped block of land. Sometimes it's just what you can afford, or maybe it’s all that was available in an area where you were eager to start your new life.

However, there are many benefits to a narrow house design as narrow block house designs have come a long way over the years.

Build Up

Building up is always an option for narrow block home designs. Although the footprint of your house might be small on the lot, you can still get a lot of square meterage out of it. Open and spacious living areas downstairs, and quiet and secluded sleeping areas upstairs are a classic form for narrow, two storey houses, like the Luka.

Single Car Garage

For many homeowners today, a double garage is of interest. However, two cars lead to higher costs and environmental impact. On a narrow block, it's preferable to have a single garage, like in our Tavira or two-storey Lawson design, which balances pragmatism with essentials.

Creative Design

Smaller blocks afford us the luxury of using our imagination. The Hamilton design emphasises how one can get luxury from a small space. Fitting two bathrooms, four bedrooms, a carport, kitchen, living and entertainment space on a small, narrow property might seem like a dream, until you see it done perfectly with our Camelle and Zamora designs.

Less is More

One of the upsides to having a small or narrow block is that it can give you time back into your life. On smaller blocks, there is less garden to maintain, so you won’t be spending your Saturdays mowing the lawn or sweeping the leaves. Dirt and grime can accumulate quickly in larger homes, and it seems the cleaning is never ending. In many ways, narrow houses afford you a better lifestyle, as with our Benaco or Whistler design.

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