SolarPay by Stoddarts Group

Solar Panels for Sustainable Homes

SolarPay by Stoddarts Group

Sustainability is an important factor in modern Australian home building and there are several sustainable upgrades to consider when building or buying your dream home. Sustainable homes in Australia often feature solar power, energy-efficient appliances, renewable water, natural building materials and automated blinds or shutters. Here at McDonaldJones Homes, we know that sustainable homes are important to new home builders in New South Wales and that’s why we now offer options for solar panels for every new home!

Consider Sustainable Home Options for Your New Home Build

You should consider sustainable home options for your new home in NSW because the planet needs you to! Not only will sustainable homes save you money in the long run, but they will help you to do your part in creating a sustainable living approach that will benefit you carbon footprint on the environment. Explore the options for solar power and solar panels and discover the magic of using electricity from the sun. How cool is that, when you really think about it?

The Benefits of Solar Panels

Photovoltaic cell on the background of sunset

The benefits of solar panels are many. For sustainable homes in Australia, the sun is shining a lot of the time and it is very strong. Mother nature provides us with so much and one way that it gives back is by giving us access to power. Standard power and electricity are becoming a thing of the past because solar panels not only maintain your carbon footprint at an acceptable level, but they also save you expensive energy costs. The solar panels that are available through McDonald Jones Homes also save and store your power, so even on a rainy or a cloudy day, you will have plenty of power. Winter in Sydney is no longer a drawback and with us, you can even let your solar panels pay for themselves! Discover your options today.

Other Options for Sustainable Homes in Australia

To avoid excessive energy consumption, there are many options for sustainable homes nowadays. Think of energy-efficient appliances from reputable suppliers, renewable water systems to avoid water wastage, natural building materials with a sustainable tick from reliable builders and automated blinds or shutters that help save on heating and cooling. Make your home sustainable, an element that is quickly becoming the envy of those stuck in the past. Discover all of your options with McDonald Jones Homes when you are looking into new home builds, a knockdown rebuild on your existing property or simply when you are moving into a new house and are thinking of sustainable upgrades. With the professionals in home building, we only offer the best, for the planet and for you.

Discover new homes in Australia with McDonald Jones Homes today. Alternatively, find out more about our offers on solar panels and contact us online to book an appointment with our friendly team of property experts.