Lakeside- Leighton Facade

What is a Skillion Roof?

Lakeside- Leighton Facade

A skillion roof can add minimalism and sophistication to a home, making it a popular choice for the modern Australian.

What is a Skillion Roof?

Skillion roofs differ from other standard roofs in that they only have a single flat surface, as opposed to having two sloping sides which meet in a ridge or peak in the centre of a building. The difference between a standard flat roof and a skillion roof, however, lies in the steepness and pitch. The skillion roof has a significantly steeper and more noticeable pitch.

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To have a better understanding of skillion roofs and what they could look like on your future home, have a look at our online gallery. Homes like our Massena, Lexington, Miami, Seaside Retreat and Lakeside designs can all built with skillion roofs.

Varieties of Skillion Roofs

As with all roof designs, skillion roofs have their own eye-catching variations. The two main types of variations include the butterfly roof and oval-shaped designs. In this sense, the skillion roof allows you to build your dream home with its own unique touch.

Butterfly Roof

Made up of two skillions angling down towards the centre, the butterfly roof allows houses to collect rainwater effectively. It often provides the impression of two wings.

Materials Used in a Skillion Roof

Skillion roofs are generally built with streamlined roofing materials, using rubber skins or metal finishes. This is because of the steepness of the roof. As water runs off skillion roofs effectively, they do not have to be as tightly sealed.

Why Install a Skillion Roof?

The skillion roof has been gaining popularity in Australia, as more and more builders creating new homes recognise the advantages that it offers.

Minimal Drainage Problems

The skillion roof is steeply pitched, making it less likely to suffer from the same drainage problems which other roofs encounter. Skillion roofs also require less maintenance than other flat roofs.


Skillion roofs are easy, cheap and fast to construct and install. Their materials are affordable, making it ideal for those on a limited budget but who still want a designer look.

Attractive Design

A skillion roof is an architectural design feature in its own right. Whenever it is used on a home, it adds a touch of minimalism and industrialism to the home.

Solar Panels

With the right positioning, solar panels can be installed on a skillion roof.

Longer Lifespan

When constructed with weather-resistant and durable quality materials, a skillion will offer a longer lifespan than a standard flat roof. When properly constructed with effective insulation, a skillion roof will also be unaffected by extreme temperatures.

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