A stunning new coastal styled Forster Display Home by McDonald Jones

Coastal Styling in Focus

A stunning new coastal styled Forster Display Home by McDonald Jones

From the moment you step inside a coastal beach house, the features and treatments inspire the feeling of sitting on the sand by the ocean in the late afternoon breeze. 
The light and airy feel of these homes appeal to Australian’s, no matter where your home is located, for the clean, relaxed styling and carefree vibe they evoke.

Many of our customers love coastal styling and our McDonald Jones interior design team understand clients enjoy being inspired by a fresh approach to their favourite styles, so read on to discover our newest Forster Grange Display Home plus where each of our unique coastal styled Display Homes are located. 

Coastal Colour Palette

The welcoming and soft style of a modern coastal home is created via a fresh colour palette of coastal hues and calming natural tones.

Tranquil ocean tones of sky blue, teals, and eggshell are accented by colours found in native vegetation and set against seafoam whites, plus shell and sand tones to create an unassuming style that pays homage to many elements of our natural environment.

Coastal colours fill a home with a calmness and serenity the entire family will adore, creating a holiday vibe for you every day. 

Key Features within our Forster Grange Coastal Home:

  • Surfmist exterior 
  • Caesarstone Airy Concrete benchtops
  • White panelling on Kitchen cabinetry
  • Ocean colour feature tiles

Coastal Styling - Kitchen in Forster Grange Display Home

Coastal Styling - Ocean Blue Tiles

Coastal Home Textures

When it comes to building beach houses, the weathered timber beach shack is a highly sought-after design aesthetic. Inspired by driftwood, the use of weatherboards or timber cladding in either the interior or exterior add a beautiful coastal touch. 

Natural materials are used predominantly in coastal and beach house style homes to further deepen the natural aesthetic. Linen, cotton, wicker and seagrass accents amplify our connection to nature and the relaxed and carefree memories of holidays on our beautiful beaches.

Key Features within our Forster Grange Coastal Display Home:

  • Timber Flooring – light tone
  • Weatherboard cladding to Façade 
  • Wall Panelling on internal feature walls & ceiling 

Coastal Styling - Timber Floors

Coastal Styling - Dining Room Timber Floor

Beach House Design 

The contemporary coastal home or beach house design focuses on function and practicality for easy, low-maintenance living. These homes create a soothing and seamless connection between the indoors and out with simple clean lines throughout such as recessed doors.

All it takes to create a spacious coastal haven is beautiful, expansive windows accenting your views and the free-flowing open plan for an effortless air of relaxation.

Key Features within our Modern Coastal Home at Forster Grange:

  • Stone feature stack on Facade
  • Square set reveals 
  • Expansive stacker doors and windows

Coastal Styling - Stacked Stone Facade

Castal Styling - Living Room

Our new San Marino Manor 15 with coastal styling at Forster is a beautifully curated home, with many tranquil spaces you will never want to leave.

See the below list of all our coastal and beach house styled Display Homes, created to inspire.

  • 101 Kentia Drive Forster NSW 2428
    Open Hours
    Wednesday to Sunday 9:30am - 5pm. Visit us today.
    Note: Also available by appointment outside of these hours.
    Homes on display (2)
    -32.206185, 152.532727
  • 15 Zenith Avenue Sandy Beach NSW 2456
    Open Hours
    10am - 5pm. Visit us today.
    Homes on display (1)
    -30.142196, 153.188202
  • 62 Boundary Road Medowie NSW 2318
    Open Hours
    10am - 5pm. Visit us today. Closed Thursday 8th of April
    Homes on display (1)
    -32.720649, 151.865743
  • 881 New England Highway Lochinvar NSW 2321
    Open Hours
    10am - 5pm. Visit us today.
    Homes on display (1)
    -32.700414, 151.460466
  • Scarlett Street (off Virginia Road) Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259
    Open Hours
    10am - 5pm. Visit us today.
    Homes on display (4)
    -33.247112, 151.459658
  • Piper Avenue Cooranbong NSW 2265
    Open Hours
    10am - 5pm. Visit us today.
    Homes on display (2)
    -33.071226, 151.456847
  • 11, 13 and 15 Joey Crescent Leppington NSW 2179
    Open Hours
    10am - 5pm. Visit us today.
    Homes on display (3)
    -33.977034, 150.810363
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