Steel Frame House by McDonald Jones

NSW Home Builders: What Goes into Building a New Home?

Steel Frame House by McDonald Jones

Building your dream home is an amazing opportunity, although it’s completely understandable to have questions about the different stages of building a house. Expert home builders like McDonald Jones Homes work with you to pick the perfect design and turn it into a reality. Check out this step by step building a house guide to learn more about this process and what to expect.  

Early Stages of Building a House: Choose Your Lot

First things first, you may have a lot already selected before you choose a builder. Perhaps you found your dream block of land in an ideal location, or maybe you’re planning on a knock down rebuild. Either way, a site survey and soil test will be required to turn a raw block of land into a home building site. Soil classification allows builders to determine the type of excavation, footing and slab required for the job.

Excavation Before Building a House

Next in the building house timeline comes excavation, which involves a cut and fill process followed by compaction to ensure the land offers sufficient stability for the house structure. Home builders have rigorous standards for compacted land, and it may need to be redone if it doesn’t pass quality checks. Screw or concrete piers can also be used to increase stability, while timber, masonry or brick retaining walls may be required depending on the level of your land and surrounding properties.

Utility Connections & Building Prep

When looking at a step by step building a house guide, next comes utility connections like electrical and plumbing. Termite protection should also be done at this stage in the building house timeline. From there, temporary fencing will be installed along the perimeter of the property to prepare for building works. If drop edge beams are needed for the build, those will be put in place, too. Last is the concrete slab, which usually takes around two weeks from the initial soil prep, although this may vary by building company.

Experienced Workmanship with Quality Materials


Now comes the fun part! You can watch as your dream home comes to life, starting with the building frame, followed by the roof and exterior siding. Your building crew should have an eye for design to keep the project on track as the interior and exterior finishes are checked off. As the project nears the finish line, the garage door, driveway and front entryway will all come together for beautiful curb appeal. Your chosen design elements will be added at the practical completion stage before you get the keys and officially start your next chapter.

Embrace Building a House with McDonald Jones Homes

McDonald Jones Homes is here to help you through the various stages of home building. If you’re ready to choose a builder and get started building your dream home, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call on 1300 555 382 or contact us online so we can discuss your modern home goals.