Backyard Makeover

Landscaping & Gardening for the Home

Backyard Makeover

One of the main benefits of living in Australia is that we get plenty of sunshine. That means that even our home gardens have the potential to be abundant and lush. If you are looking at building a new home, it’s not all about the interior design and architecture. Take advantage of the favourable weather and increase the value of your home by thinking about what different landscaping and gardening ideas you can incorporate into your property.

Embrace the Native Flora

Many homeowners shy away from incorporating native plants into their landscapes and gardens for fear of getting an overgrown look. However, this year is seeing gardeners and homeowners embrace our native flora. Consider a well thought out design that incorporates native species of regional trees, shrubs and perennials. This is a great way to think globally and act locally and it helps you to get closer to your natural landscape.

Choosing native species also makes your eco-friendly garden and landscape easier to maintain in the long run. Carefully select fewer plants with a minimalist mindset. Each plant you choose will be chosen for a purpose and it will do its job, achieving a more relaxed, naturalistic style.

Sustainable Features Integrated Into Design

2017 will see a lot of sustainability integrated into design for every aspect of our homes. Why should that stop with the garden? Sustainable landscapes are supported by function and respond to topography and architecture, but they are also aesthetically pleasing.

For example, gardens are incorporating new designs for harvesting rainwater. You can install a catchment pond that functions both as an auxiliary water source and a water feature. Using recycled concrete pavers as retaining walls or bio-retention cells is another way to add sustainability to your garden.

Adding Colour to Garden Structures

A big trend coming out of Europe now is to add a bit of colour to structures in the garden to create a vibrant background to set off the plants. Instead of white or brown fences, try out dark blue, black or charcoal grey.

Reclaimed, DIY Look

In order to offset the general sweep towards modern designs and architecture in the home, many gardeners are choosing to design their landscape with natural or reclaimed materials and DIY influences. People are choosing reclaimed timber free-form decks, swing seating, stone floors and more to achieve a more organic look. For a vintage and authentic appeal, there are many DIY garden ideas that you can incorporate. For example, DIY planters made from old boots, tyres, pallet boards or tree stumps are becoming popular.

A lot of this sentiment comes from an aesthetic design based on being conscious about climate issues. Sourcing materials locally will help reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint.

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