Garden Design for New Homes

How to make your garden match your home

Garden Design for New Homes

If you’ve recently built a new home, or you’re considering building a new home, it’s probably a good time to start planning your garden. Getting the garden design to match your home’s architecture and interior style can be pretty tricky. Luckily, though, there are some ways you can simplify the process. It all has to do with looking at the overarching design elements that apply both to your home and your garden: colour, structure, texture, and material (or plant) choice.

Take a look at our top five design tips for matching your garden to your home:

1. Think colour

Luckily, many modern homes are painted grey, brown or a shade of cream, which makes them perfect companions for low maintenance greenery. However, to match your home’s interior with the exterior garden design, we suggest adding pops of colour to your garden. If your home has a red theme inside, add plants with red leaves or flowers, such as black rose succulents, blood leaf and red cyclamens. If your theme is in a difficult colour to find plants in (like blue), choose a complimentary colour (like yellow).

2. Look at the structure

If your home design features sleek, right angle lines, go mainly for plants that accentuate the angular design: plants with long, straight leaves like bamboo, dragon trees or even aloe vera. You can then add complementary plants with a rounder look to balance the overall design

3. Play with textures

An often overlooked element of garden design is texture, yet this element plays a huge role in the “feel” of your garden. Consider the texture of a tall palm tree, for example, compared to the texture of a paperbark gum tree. The difference is huge, and can complement or clash with the feel of your home. Think about the textures in your décor and whether you need soft or rugged features to extend the theme into the garden.

4. Keep it local

Where possible, it’s better to use plants native to your local area. Local plants are more likely to thrive in their home environment, but they also tell a story about the location of your home. They describe whether it’s near the coast, on the plains, in a forest valley or in bushland. While we’re good at setting up interiors to match our home’s surroundings, many of us overlook the garden. It’s a great opportunity to let your home showcase your local area to visitors.

5. Plant something for every season

Your garden is there all year round, so don’t forget to plant something to show off your home each season. If you’re going for a red theme indoors, make sure you’ve got something in your garden that will be red for each season, as well as space filler plants that will stay the theme colour all year.

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