Mcdonald Jones Alfresco Party outdoor barbeque space

How to create an amazing outdoor area

Mcdonald Jones Alfresco Party outdoor barbeque space

From the festive and spacious to the quiet and meditative, outdoor areas are special places to come together. To create a successful outdoor area, you must plan a space that draws people to it effortlessly. Comfort and practicality are always its foundations but once these conditions are met, a generous aesthetic will keep people coming back to enjoy it.

Outdoor spaces always have something to offer, even if it isn't obvious at first. A waterside view speaks for itself, but if your place seems a little more ordinary, don't despair. There are so many innovative and inspired outdoor design ideas to enjoy, and plenty that won't break the bank. Let’s have a look at some style options and how you can create them at your place.

Make the Most of Natural Features


The natural features already in your area will determine how you use it. Any aesthetically interesting elements should take centre stage. Established trees, garden beds, and natural light are all valuable assets. Take a look at your space and spend some time surveying its potential. If plants and foliage are in need of restoration, a trip to the garden centre is in order. Clearing out excess growth and focusing on thriving, healthy plants can really transform an area. If you're lucky enough to have an established tree, make it a feature. Create leading lines to the tree by clearing around it or creating a pathway. Airflow, privacy and noise are also factors to consider before you embark on the decorating.

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Using Outdoor Furnishings

Once you have selected your most usable space, you can begin with design. Naturally, the size of the space will affect your design as will your intended use. 


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Large Spaces

If you have a seemingly cavernous area you would like to make more welcoming, you can enjoy filling the space with a range of outdoor furnishings. Outdoor table and chair settings can be placed in the centre of the space, creating a focus area. You can then soften the edges with outdoor décor. Plants in striking coloured pots will frame the area and add colour. A barbecue and outdoor food preparation area will also absorb space and maximise the use of the area.

Soft lighting is ideal in outdoor settings, and there are endless options to suit your style preferences. Fairy lights, string lights, LED candles and solar lights are all affordable, easily sourced and look stunning. For daytime use, a large area will manage well with a sun umbrella, an elegant addition to an outdoor space.

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Small Spaces

If you are tight on space, don't despair. There is a range of styles that suit a more intimate space.  Inspired by Japanese Zen garden designs, the use of stones and sand in small areas is both energising and calming. Simple stones, raked gravel, healthy vegetation and the use of a water feature can transform the most ordinary courtyard into an oasis. Tropical Balinese design features can be used to similar effect; try adding lush plants like ginger and bromeliads, warm festive lighting, and bright coloured throws. For a simple garden setting, a wrought iron chair set amongst potted flowers is timeless and easily accommodated in a small space.

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Adding Dimension to Outdoor Areas

Once your furniture is placed, you can add colour and texture as you go. Open timber shelves can be used to display candles, potted herbs, or succulents. For a bohemian ambience, fairy lights, chunky glassware and mismatched chairs create whimsy and beauty. Tap into this year's desert nomad aesthetic with natural throws, jute rugs and large cushions in tribal prints.

To explore these designs up close, head to our displays nearest you. 

When it comes to outdoor spaces, you are only limited by your imagination. If you would like to learn more about building your first home, contact McDonald Jones Homes on 1300 555 382 or visit us online for more information.