Valiente two storey home design alfresco

Considering a pool in your new home.

Valiente two storey home design alfresco

Many Australian homes feature a pool, because when those summer days are as hot as they can be, we’ve got to have some way to cool off. If you’re planning on building a new home, you might want to consider installing a pool. It’s fun for the whole family and a great way to entertain guests.

Here are a few popular pool designs for your home.

Seating within the Pool

Providing some sort of seating in your pool is a swimming trend that’s making waves. You have a few options for this. The most simple would be to build the pool with a semi-recessed deck that sits about a foot under the water and drops off into the pool. You can put some low chairs on the deck so you’re half in and half out of the water.

Another great way to achieve water seating is to add swim-up bar stools. The bar stools can be placed near the outdoor kitchen and bar. Combine it with a well-designed lighting scheme and you get a serious sense of style.

Finally, you can add recessed seating for those who want the option of being close to the water but still staying dry. This idea is architecturally more difficult to pull off, but stunning if you do. You can build stepping stones from the pool’s edge to the recessed seating, complete with couches or chairs and a small table.

Integrated Pool Features

There are ways to integrate cool pool features into the rest of your backyard design. For example, build a spa with a fire pit in the middle. Or add a stone wall with water spouts and use the same stone for a nearby fireplace.

Enhance Your Evening Ambience

Do you enjoy swimming at night? Why not make your night-time pool time a truly magical experience. The use of multicoloured LED lights along the wall of your heated pool can really enhance the night-time feel. Place lighting in the shrubbery or trees to really make your backyard feel whimsical.

Add a Touch of Drama

If you enjoy a dramatic and striking pool, then you might want to consider a pool and spa design that is multilevel and freeform. Let the water from the spa run over stunning stone waterfalls into a pool with a large, dramatic vanishing edge.

You can also incorporate a four-sided zero-edge pool and spa. To enhance the visual effects of the zero-edge design, you can surround the entire raised exterior of the pool with carefully-selected glass tiles.

Kid Friendly Pools

If you have a family, you’ll want to make sure your children enjoy splashing around in the pool, as well. Your main concern should always be safety. This means you need to install a fence around the perimeter of the pool with child-locked doors. If you have young children, never allow them to play without supervision. Throwing in shaped pool floats is never a bad idea, either. Make sure you have plenty of toys and activities, like a basketball hoop or volleyball net. Attach a slide or install a waterfall, and you’ll be your kids’ best friend.

You can visit this beautiful Valiente One display at Wongawilli NSW. McDonald Jones can customise your design to prepare for a pool installation. Make sure to plan for your pool before your build by calling McDonald Jones today on 1300 555 382 or contact us online.