Understanding GLOBAL Style


When you build with McDonald Jones, you have access to the inspiring MyChoice Design Studio, a space that allows you to select every design element of your home under one roof. From brick colour to the direction of the handles in the ensuite, our dedicated team of fully qualified Interior Design Consultants will support and guide you through every selection step. 

At MyChoice Design Studio, our team has simplified the selection process by creating six styles, each complete with four substyles, with the goal of allowing each customer to easily identify their unique personal style. By understanding and embracing your lifestyle, our team can help you choose a palette that truly reflects your personality and passions. 

With six options on offer, it can be difficult to know which is best suited to you and your home design. We want you to enjoy the selection process and not be overwhelmed by the hundreds of leading products offered by MyChoice Design Studio, so let's explore our Global style and its four substyles. 

What is GLOBAL Style?

The Global style is all about reflecting a deep love for global adventure. Rooted in admiration for the world's many diverse cultures, it is a beautiful and artful blend of worldly finds, earthy materials, and colours with exotic patterns. 

Global style is the perfect mix of all different elements from around the world. This style suits people who love to travel and collect items from different adventures or have items that have been passed down through the generations. 

GLOBAL Substyles

The four substyles of Global are: Bohemian, Eclectic, Fushion & Zen. 


Bohemian-style homes are equipped with a laid-back atmosphere and place an emphasis on nature and intricate patterns. There are two versions - the neutral base on which is a mix of white, light neutrals, and texture in the way of furniture and light fittings. And then the version that introduces bright colours like purples, reds, and pinks as accents. 

Explore our Global Bohemian Santa Monica display at Wongawilli. 


An Eclectic home design embraces numerous styles such as modern, vintage, and bohemian. 

A variety of materials and textures are mixed and matched. Eclectic interiors are often filled with various decor items such as vintage dinnerware, flower vases, bold art prints, etc. The key to an eclectic home is all about drawing on different textures, colours, and styles to create a unique environment that reflects your confident personality. 


Fusion is all about taking the wonders of design from some of the most exotic places like the Middle East and India and then applying a slightly modern take to suit the Australian way of life. 

These countries' interiors boast exotic rich colours and textures. The use of rich wall colours combined with metallic feature accents and leather or patterned details, are the perfect choice. Furniture is typically handcrafted and ornately carved and slightly rustic in appearance. 


In Japanese, Zen refers to Buddhist meditation, so the key to that Zen-style interior is to place emphasis on tranquility, harmony, and relaxation. 

Balance, function and simplicity are essential in Zen styling as is a limited colour palette - typically featuring black, white, and a hint of orange and red across the palette. 

With a world of options, The MyChoice Design Studio team look forward to working with you to define your personal style and create the home of your dreams. Take the style quiz and follow our Pinterest for more interior inspiration. 

Take a virtual tour of our MyChoice Design Studios and visit our Santa Monica display to see this beautiful style in person!