Get the look: LUXE Style


When you build with McDonald Jones, you have access to the inspiring MyChoice Design Studio, a space that allows you to select every design element of your home under one roof. From brick colour to the direction of the handles in the ensuite, our dedicated team of fully qualified Interior Design Consultants will support and guide you through every selection step. 

At MyChoice Design Studio, our team has simplified the selection process by creating six styles, each complete with four substyles, with the goal of allowing each customer to easily identify their unique personal style. By understanding and embracing your lifestyle, our team can help you choose a palette that truly reflects your personality and passions. 

With six options on offer, it can be difficult to know which is best suited to you and your home design. We want you to enjoy the selection process and not be overwhelmed by the hundreds of leading products offered by MyChoice Design Studio, so let's explore our Luxe style and its four substyles. 

What is LUXE Style?

Luxe styling is undeniably opulent with fabrics and finishes that create a feeling of warmth and welcomes you into each beautiful space within the home. A Luxe home is never overstated, and balance is created across all key design elements to ensure the home is refined, as well as inviting and uber-comfortable.

LUXE Substyles

The four substyles of Luxe are: Glamour, Parisian, Modern & Art Deco


Striking neutrals, brilliant metallics, accent colours, and elegant fabrics create this enchanting style.  Think 'Old Hollywood', featuring brass or metallic furnishings and accessories, tufted and mirrored furniture are also important features of a glamorous home.

Get the look with things like: 

  1. Begin with striking neutrals for walls and furniture.
  2. Add brilliance with metallic furnishings and accessories, like gold and brass.
  3. Introduce rich accent colours sparingly to enhance depth and drama.

Discover this style in the Hermitage Grande Encore on display at HomeWorld Thornton.


French or Parisian interiors are just as much about design as they are about lifestyle. They appear so effortless, but only because they are built to accommodate the way you move through the room. There should be creative storage throughout to make daily life a breeze and the design itself is far from relaxed but gives such a sense of effortless, luxury living.

Get the look with things like: 

  1. Design with a seamless flow that feels natural and welcoming.
  2. Integrate creative storage solutions for effortless daily living. 
  3. Add opulent details like high-quality materials and ornate accents for a sense of refined luxury.

Explore this style in the Hermitage Grande Manor on display at HomeWorld Box Hill, and the Bronte on display at Braemar. 


Modern Luxe interiors feature a charming mix of traditional and modern styles. You’ll typically see flowing curves and lines on everything from chairs and couches to tables and sinks. Cabinets, however, have smooth, flat surfaces with little to no hardware, think sleek and sophisticated with a focus on high-quality stone finishes and feature flooring.

Get the look with things like: 

  1. Blend traditional and modern elements seamlessly by incorporating furniture with flowing lines. 
  2. Opt for sleek cabinets and surfaces, allowing high-quality stone finishes to stand out.
  3. Choose standout materials like marble to elevate the space. 

Discover this style in the St. Clair Three on display at Cobbitty. 

Art Deco

Inspired by French art and design from the 1920s this dramatic design aesthetic was introduced in the 1920s shortly after WWI, as the country was emerging from the flowery Art Nouveau style and transitioning into a sleeker cosmopolitan look featuring hard-edged, richly embellished designs and metal accents.

Get the look with things like:

  1. Embrace bold geometric patterns and textures.
  2. Add brass, chrome, or gold accents for a touch of sophistication and richness.
  3. Incorporate intricate carvings and exotic wooden veneers for a luxurious aesthetic. 

With a world of options, The MyChoice Design Studio team looks forward to working with you to define your personal style and create the home of your dreams. Take the style quiz and follow our Pinterest for more interior inspiration. 

Take a virtual tour of our MyChoice Design Studios and visit our displays to see this beautiful style in person!