Urban style in 2024


The urban style in interior design is a captivating fusion of raw, natural materials and edgy architectural elements. From the sturdy presence of steel and stone to the timeless allure of brick, brass, and timber, urban interiors resonate with those seeking a link to history while embracing a contemporary aesthetic. This bold style draws inspiration from the organic textures and raw beauty found in the natural environment, infusing spaces with authenticity and character.

Our new Lancaster 29 display in our Homeworld Leppington is a prime example of that urban style using natural materials.


At the heart of urban design are the captivating features of exposed brick and stone walls, which serve as focal points, narrating stories of the building's history and adding depth to the space. Wide, expansive windows flood interiors with natural light, while oversized lighting fixtures crafted from steel, copper, and wrought iron illuminate every corner, highlighting the unique architectural details of an urban-style home. This design ethos embraces imperfection, deliberately rejecting structured layouts in favor of a relaxed ambiance that exudes effortless coolness.

If you prefer darker colours, you'll love the look of our Saxonvale 42 Display at Homeworld Thornton.


Furniture in urban-style interiors strikes a balanced blend between old-world charm and contemporary sophistication. Weathered woods coexist with glossy finishes, creating a dynamic blend of textures and tones. Natural linens, chunky fabrics, throws, and leather accents add layers of warmth and comfort, while a palette of warm neutrals and earthy tones infuses spaces with a subtle masculine touch. The result is a cohesive and inviting environment that seamlessly blends industrial elements with refined elegance, capturing the essence of urban living at its finest. 

Our Riviera display at Leppington Living is a great example of incorporating some natural colours, such as natural brown tones rather than just whites and blacks.


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