Curb Appeal in NSW & ACT

Tips to boost your home's curb appeal in NSW & ACT

Curb Appeal in NSW & ACT

A luxury home with low maintenance curb appeal… Sounds like a dream! Luckily McDonald Jones Homes is here to help with easy curb appeal ideas. Check out our top tips on how to add curb appeal to a brick house in New South Wales or Australian Capital Territory.

Lawn curb appeal ideas

Curb Appeal

When looking at ways for homeowners to boost curb appeal, landscaping and lawn maintenance make a big difference. By investing in regular lawn maintenance, you can maintain a healthy, manicured yard with beautiful landscaping. Consider the climate and whether you need drought-tolerant grass and plants, too. The more the garden matches your home, the stronger your street appeal will be.

Focus on the approach

A lot of curb appeal tips touch on the approach to your home, including pressure washing the driveway, steps, porch and front door. In addition to powerful cleaning, make sure to check the walkway for weeds that need to be pulled or cracks that should be repaired. When building new, talk to your builder about the entryway design, as you may be able to add brick, stone and outdoor lighting to further enhance the overall curb appeal.

Fresh coat of paint

If you want to know how to add curb appeal to a brick house, a high-quality paint job can do the trick. Home builders and real estate agents know homes with beautiful curb appeal are more attractive to buyers than those that appear rundown. It’s amazing how much of a difference a few fresh coats of paint can make to small homes curb appeal, as the exterior colour is one of the first things people notice. Generate intrigue and interest with enhanced aesthetic appeal, whether you go for complementary neutral tones or something a bit bolder.

Choose a beautiful garage door

Curb Appeal, Less Is More

Successful homes curb appeal depends on the garage door colour and style, too. Whether you’re in the city or the country, a contemporary garage door with reliable security features can not only enhance street appeal, but also improve safety and security. Just make sure the garage door complements the rest of the house design. For more easy curb appeal ideas, consider an upgraded façade option when building to boost the future value of your home.

Final curb appeal tips: Less is more

Finally, if you ever have any doubts about how to make the front of your house look good, remember that less is more. Rather than cluttering your front entry with lots of pot plants and decorative ornaments, choose a few favourites that don’t block the view. This way, the beautiful, finished exterior of your modern home can truly shine through for low maintenance curb appeal.

Explore Australian homes with beautiful curb appeal

Now that you know how to make the front of your house look good, all you need is your perfect new home design. Please call 1300 555 382 to get in touch with the award-winning Australian builders at McDonald Jones Homes.