closeup of decorated kid’s room

The Challenge of the Design and Decor of Kid’s Bedrooms

closeup of decorated kid’s room

Designing and decorating a child’s bedroom can be both exciting and overwhelming. The overall style of your child’s bedroom will be influenced by several factors, but mostly it will depend on their individuality, interests and tastes.

At McDonald Jones Homes, we know how important it is that your child’s bedroom be stylish, comfortable and organised. We’re here to help tackle the biggest problems of kid’s bedroom designs and decor as you take your home ownership journey.

Choosing a Colour

This is probably one of the biggest and most troublesome choices people make when choosing a colour for their child’s bedroom. The important thing to remember is colour styles can age over time. Pale blue or pink might look good for a nursery, but what about when your child is a little older and wanting something to reflect their age? Our best advice is to choose a neutral colour and then add pops of colour with décor and homewares. If you are building a new home and have an older child, then it might be fun to get them involved in choosing a colour for their bedroom. In this case, lean towards a feature wall in a bright colour, and the rest in neutral as feature walls can easily be replaced with another colour or style in years to come.

The team at our MyChoice Design Studio can help you with these decisions and show you what is available, current trends, and how all your choices can fit together.

You can also start collecting ideas along the way from our Pinterest boards.


Good storage in children’s rooms is also essential. Not only should the storage be excellent, but it should be easily accessed by children so that they can reach their items to use and then pack them away when they are done! We recommend a great mixture of built-in storage and storage around the room in the form of baskets and wall shelves that can both brighten and neaten your child’s bedroom. You can discuss built in options with your Building and Design Consultant and check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas.


One look at Pinterest can send you into a spin when it comes to themes for kid’s bedrooms. Themed bedrooms can look amazing, but the challenge of a themed room is styling in such a way where items can be easily replaced or changed as your child grows out of their tastes. A superhero or fairy theme for your child might not be suitable in as little as 2 year’s time! Stick to small décor items that are easy to swap around, rather than buying large expensive theme-based furniture or other expensive items. You can start to collect great ideas on our Pinterest Boards

Involving Your Child

Getting your child’s opinion on how their room should be decorated can be both helpful and difficult. Your child needs to enjoy the room they are in, but their aesthetics will differ to yours and compromises may need to be made! Getting your child involved is important as the more ownership they feel, the more likely they are to maintain and look after their bedroom.

Get Your Kids Excited with a New McDonald Jones Homes Bedroom

At McDonald Jones Homes, we love building a new home for a family, and we’re happy to involve your child in the process so they and you will love their bedrooms right from the start!

You can discuss all the various options with your Building and Design Consultant and check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas.