How Many Rooms Do You Need?

How Many Rooms Do You Need?

How Many Rooms Do You Need?

When you’re making plans to build your own home, you’ll inevitably need to answer the question of how many rooms you’ll need. It may seem like a simple question based on how many people are going to live in the house, but you should also think about your lifestyle and the future.

Are you planning on starting a family? Do you plan to have more children? Will relatives stay with you? Do you want to create a multifunctional room?

In a time when both “tiny houses” and minimalism are as popular as increasing your square footage, there are many things to consider when deciding on how many rooms you need.

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Who Will Be Living With You?

The first question you should address is how many bedrooms you’ll need. Are you single or a young couple? Do you have children, or planning on having children? What about having more children? Ideally, you want one bedroom per child, but kids can always double up when they’re young. It’s when they grow into teenagers that you might want to consider what you’ll do when they want their own space.  

Consider Your Lifestyle

Think about what will best suit your lifestyle. Do you work from home and need a productive space? Building a home office might be a top priority for you. Maybe you want a space where you can exercise at home. That home office can double as a home gym.

Do you like to entertain family and guests a lot? You might want to think about having a guest room made up for when people spend the night. Have small children? They might benefit from their own play room so that your living room isn’t littered with toys all the time. Are you the type of family that has movie nights? An entertainment centre can have its own home in a home theatre room.

Outdoor Living

How important is having an outdoor space? Living in Australia means that it would be rude not to take advantage of outdoor living by including some nice alfresco areas in your home build. 

What About Hobbies?

Some hobbies require more space than others. Sure, you can relegate some things to the garage if you must, but you can always talk to your home builder about including a room in your home that can accommodate hobbies, from an art space to a model airplane space.

In the event that your family grows, you can always transform that space into another bedroom and build a backyard studio suite outside instead. Studio suites, or granny flats, can have a great number of uses. Read more about it here.

If your hobby or love is cooking, or if you feel that the kitchen is a place where the whole family convenes everyday, consider creating an open kitchen that connects to the dining area and living area for a warm, inviting space.

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