Mcdonald Jones Alfresco Party outdoor barbeque space

5 tips for amazing Alfresco entertaining all year round

Mcdonald Jones Alfresco Party outdoor barbeque space

Alfresco entertaining is a must-have to take advantage of the amazing climate we are lucky to experience in Australia. We’re sure that you would agree that there’s nothing quite like enjoying an evening meal with the family and friends right there in your own backyard.

We’ve shared some of our best tips on how to make your Alfresco area an entertainer’s paradise all year round, no matter the season.

Choose an outdoor décor perfect for any occasion

You’ll notice that in our display homes we offer a number of different outdoor settings that cater to the ways that outdoor entertaining evolves and shifts throughout the day and into the evening. Select an outdoor dining setting that fits in with the colour and furnishing choices you have made for the interior of your home and give it a central position on your Alfresco. Provide an alternative outdoor living space ideal for relaxing by incorporating a lounge and coffee table setting that will allow you to easily move from the more formal dining experience to a casual, comfortable setting at the end of the evening.

Make catering easy with an outdoor kitchen and barbeque

There’s no doubt that Aussies love their BBQs, there’s simply nothing quite like enjoying a barbecued meal on your Alfresco during the warmer months. A popular trend for modern homes is to create an outdoor cooking space that includes an outdoor kitchen, bar fridge and BBQ on your Alfresco to make entertaining easy. It also ensures the head chef can be part of the action throughout the evening.

Use temperature control to enjoy your Alfresco, no matter the weather

During the warmer seasons, keep your guests feeling cool by featuring a stunning, overhead ceiling fan above your table setting. In the colder months, as dusk falls leading to a cooler evening and night, keep your guests warm and cosy by turning on an outdoor heater or starting a beautiful, outdoor fireplace.

Create a welcoming ambience, no matter the time of the day, with good lighting

Keep you Alfresco well lit so that your evenings entertaining friends and family can carry on until after dark. A fantastic option for outdoor lighting is to scatter the ceiling with downlight fittings to give the space a bright and welcoming quality, no matter the time of the day.

Keep out annoying pests that create a buzzkill during gatherings

There’s nothing worse than sharing a beautifully cooked meal with the Australian renowned fly, or trying to enjoy a night under the stars whilst being gnawed on by mosquitos. Create a pest free environment on your Alfresco by hanging citronella incense burners from your roof or, if you want a more natural approach, surround your Alfresco with natural deterring plants, such as citronella grass and lavender. Creating a breeze that will keep bugs away using a modern, stainless steel, outdoor fan is also a practical and stunning option.

For more on how to design your Alfresco for all year entertaining, visit one of our display homes

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