Buying your first home in 2022

Tips on Finding Your Forever Home

Buying your first home in 2022

When buying your first home, it’s important to know the difference between a starter home and a forever home and which one you’re looking for. In New South Wales, McDonald Jones are the leading home builder who can help you with finding inspiration for your first home purchase, whether that is a single storey home design or a double storey home design. With know-how on everything from designed new build houses to new build construction projects, we are your go-to professionals in everything design and homebuilding. 

Single-storey home facade of the Lucia, from our NOW Series, on display at Huntlee perfect for first home buyers
Lucia, from the NOW Series, on display at Huntlee in the Hunter Valley.

The Difference Between a Starter Home & a Forever Home

You deserve somewhere that makes you feel safe and happy, regardless of what stage you're at in life! That’s why knowing the difference between a starter home and a forever home is important when buying your first home. First home purchase can be daunting, exciting and confusing and here at McDonald Jones, we are always happy to help. A starter home can be somewhere that you buy that you know is not forever, but you’d like to live in now. It is usually not purchased with future family in mind and will perhaps be in a different location than where you always saw yourself setting roots but is a good strategy to get into new build houses. These homes are sometimes converted from starter homes to investment properties when the time is right, and this may be what you’re looking for as a new home buyer. 

However, if it’s a forever home you’re looking for, a single storey home design or double storey home design with homely features you’ve always dreamt of should be your target. 

A home theatre offers a flexible space for first home buyers to transform as lifestyles change over the years
The Home Theatre is a flexible and adaptable space which can be transformed over a lifetime. Explore the Valiente, from our NOW Series, in display at Wongawilli.

Tips for Prospective Home Buyers

When looking for the place you can lay down roots, raise a family, settle down and chase your dreams, you should always take adequate time in planning and researching. You don’t want to settle when finding the house of your dreams and the importance of finding a location that ticks all the boxes, like safety, good schools, nearby shops and travel convenience is paramount. 
All of this, in conjunction with a design that makes sense for your lifestyle, such as stairs vs. no stairs, large backyard vs. small backyard, a good number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other considerations, can be hard to find. When it gets tricky, it’s beneficial to speak to experts like McDonald Jones Homes and we can help you on your journey. 

A nursery in a new build, single-storey home - the Lucia on display at Huntlee
The start of a new journey in the Lucia, on display at Huntlee in the Hunter Valley.

Trust Your Instincts

Whilst doing adequate research, it is important to always trust your instincts. With new build construction at an all time high, new build houses with all the features that you or your family may want and need may not be as easy as 1, 2, 3. This is where patience, research and instincts will come into play.

Visit the Inspiration Gallery that we’ve created, to bring together all the latest colour palettes, design ideas and interior styling, to help you unlock your creativity and bring together ideas. Feel free to contact the team at McDonald Jones Homes with any enquiries you may have as well. 


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