How to fix onto steel frames

17 August 2017
Smaller items can be fixed straight to the wall when you have a steel frame

There’s nothing better than moving into your brand new McDonald Jones home, sitting back and taking in what you have just achieved. And let’s be honest, it is a huge achievement. 

We’ve all looked around our homes at some point and thought to ourselves- ‘Our family portrait would look perfect in the dining room’, ‘floating shelves in Amy’s room would free up space on the ground’, ‘a white board in the home office would help out hubby’ and ‘a coat rack in the entry will declutter.’

Home owners with steel frames, we are here to tell you it’s a lot simpler than you thought to hang that picture that’s been sitting on the floor for months. 

Fixing items in a home that is built with steel is essentially the same as fixing items in a home that is built with timber. The only difference- you cannot nail into steel. 

Here are a few ways to fix with steel frames:

1. For smaller items, such as a picture frame or a white board, they can be fixed straight to the wall/gyprock. Be sure to use a fitting that is approved for gyprock and make sure you check the weight capacity. You can use the same everyday proprietary hooks to fix to the wall/gyprock as you would for timber frame.

2. For larger items, such a televisions and dryers, you’ll need to find the stud. You may need to purchase a stud finder for assistance, which can be easily found at any good hardware store.  To fix, you’ll need to use a needle point screw, fix into the stud and secure well (pilot hole is not required).  Be sure not to over screw and remember to check the weight capacity.

So there you have it, fixing into steel frames can be done.

Important notice: McDonald Jones accepts no responsibility in regards to mounting third party products. Make sure you read product specifications and manuals.