Top Tips for Displaying Artwork in Your Home

Top Tips for Displaying Artwork in Your Home

Top Tips for Displaying Artwork in Your Home

Contemporary home design lends itself to a range of aesthetic opportunities, and this is part of its charm. Quality pieces in elegant neutral tones offer the perfect backdrop for your personal decorating style. Soft furnishings, indoor plants and decor all contribute to the story of a room. But when you really want to customise a space, displaying artwork adds a unique dimension.

Whether it is an original piece, a print or sculpture, hanging works of art invites an introspective use of the area. Directing the gaze to the walls may seem straightforward, but the fact is, there is an art to hanging art and not all display choices are successful. Here are some things to consider when choosing and displaying your works.

Height and Scale

Successful artwork display often means breaking with convention. Where straight edges and proportions are vital to home construction, decorating often swings the other way. Paintings look best when hung straight, of course, but height and scale should be mixed up. Artwork in matching proportions can start to look too regimented. A large work of art looks best in a slim frame, whereas a smaller piece can benefit from a more substantial or elaborate frame. 

Colour Matching

Tones, colours and textures within a work of art can bring new life to the surrounding space, but be mindful not to go overboard with a colour theme. Picking out contrasting or similar colours in moderation will work well, but too much matching and the space will look contrived. Natural light is your ally when working with colour; try hanging works temporarily to see how they look in the light.


It goes without saying that the style of the artwork will have the greatest impact on the space. If you are going for a modern urban look, a framed Black and White photograph or a Vintage art print looks great.

For bohemian ambience, try an original artwork. The texture, colour and presence of the artist's hand all make a statement. Alternatively, fine art prints look stunning in a timber frame and add a bit of history to the walls.

Natural scenes always work beautifully in the home, creating calm and optimism. Flowers, landscapes, and botanical prints are all classic additions to the room, leaving the mood open to a range of interpretations. 

Layered Display

Artworks don't only belong on the walls. Display opportunities exist all throughout the home, especially for smaller prints or photographs. Open shelves, small tables and the like offer a range of heights and layers so you can keep things interesting on all levels.

Where to Buy Artwork for Your Home

If you haven't spent much time in galleries, you may be surprised at the affordability of original artwork. Small drawings, paintings, and prints can be purchased very reasonably and they let you support an artist in their practice. Talk to friends or browse local artists online. Most artists have a website gallery where you can view works and request commissions.  Art prints of all genres are available online and once they arrive at your door you can choose a frame to really make the most of them.

If you're decorating a family or kids’ rooms, family photographs can be printed on canvasses, creating an instant memory wall. They are affordable, lightweight and available at most digital printing outlets.

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