Steel Frame House by McDonald Jones

Why Choose a Steel Frame House?

Steel Frame House by McDonald Jones

During the process of building your dream home, you’ll be faced with a wide array of choices. Thankfully, one of the most important choices is simple. When deciding on the frame for your house, it’s easy to see why strong and straight steel frames are so popular

Ideal for Australian conditions

We all know how challenging the Australian climate can be, a steel frame house is built to meet the challenge every time.

Precision engineered to be strong and durable

At McDonald Jones Homes, we exclusively build with Supaloc Steel Framing, engineered with Australian made TrueCore steel from Bluescope Steel Australia. They are the strongest, safest and most secure framing solution by far. 

A steel frame house warranty you can bank on

Each component of our quality steel frame houses are built to be attached and bolted together, making for serious stability. The roof locks to the truss, which locks to the wall frame, which locks to the slab. Your home’s steel frame is so strong and stable, it comes with a 50-year structural warranty.

Two-storey steel frame house options

Steel Frame House Two Storey

Unlike some of our competitors, the Supaloc Steel frames McDonald Jones Homes uses are precision engineered to stay straight and true across multiple levels. You won’t find timber frames on the first floor when you build with us. See our Two Storey Homes.

Termite Proof

Termites have been wreaking havoc on Australian homes for decades. It’s simply not possible to termite-proof a timber home. When you choose a steel frame house, you have the peace of mind that it is 100% termite proof – which can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and chemical termite treatments over the life of your home. It also means you and your family won’t be exposed to those toxic chemicals and hazardous pesticides.

Architecturally sound and a modern aesthetic

Contemporary clean lines and strong finishes will be evident in your completed frame house, thanks to the precision engineered Supaloc Steel frame delivering a dimensionally accurate structure. How it is built is how it will stay, there will be no shrinking, warping or moving.

Affordable steel frame houses

Whether you’re building a stylish inner-city cottage or a sprawling country residence, your home can be whatever you want with steel framing. Steel is a smart, affordable option which provides flexibility for the budget-conscious and then non-cost-constrained alike.

Environmentally conscious

Because it is manufactured from recycled BlueScope Steel, your frame will be more eco-friendly. Lightweight TrueCore steel frames also allow for designs which leave the site in a more natural state.  

Fire resistant

Bush fires are a simple reality when you live in Australia and regular house fires can occur anywhere, anytime. Because steel is not combustible, steel framed homes are more fire resistant.

Water Resistant

You’ll never have to worry about water damage rotting the inside of your beams and framing when you choose steel. Whatever storms are thrown your way, steel frames will not succumb.

Frequently asked questions about Steel Frame Houses

Steel Frame House Single Storey

Are maintenance costs lower for a steel frame house?

Steel frames don’t shrink, twist or warp, so you won’t face problems such as cracked cornices, jamming doors, sticking windows or uneven roof lines. Because you won’t need to treat for termites and borers, over the life of your home, ongoing costs are significantly reduced.

Are steel frames noisy? 

No. Our Supaloc steel frames use patented superior connections to ensure unsurpassed accuracy and dimensional stability. Thermally induced movement and noise is on par with other materials. Steel frames expand and contract at similar rates to other materials, minimising issues with noise or cornice cracking.

Will my steel frame house be susceptible to lightning strikes?   

No. A steel frame creates a positive earth, so a lightning strike will have no effect. Unlike conventional framing, the energy goes straight to the ground and is not dissipated destructively.  

Will the steel frame interfere with WiFi, TV or radio reception? 

No. This is a myth. WiFi, radio and television wave frequencies pass around steel, just as easily as they do with timber framing.

To discover the benefits of steel frame homes, enquire with McDonald Jones Homes online or call our team today on 1300 555 382.