Scott Cam

The decision to join forces with McDonald Jones was an easy one for popular TV personality Scotty Cam.

“I do a lot of due diligence when it comes to putting my face to a brand or company and we checked them out really thoroughly,” said Scott.

“I have a big thing about family businesses, not to mention that McDonald Jones are a great building company as well and they do beautiful homes. I came out to some of their display homes and had a look at their villages. I worked out that they were a terrific company and put my hand up to come on board.”

“Scott understands what we’re all about at McDonald Jones,” said company founder Bill McDonald. “He shares our passion for people and looking after each other as a family or a company.”

“Like Scott, we’re going from strength to strength. We’ve just had the biggest year we’ve ever had in terms of homes sold, so it’s exciting to bring him on board as an ambassador as we look to build more great homes for Australians.”

McDonald Jones beautiful designs are available in the following states and regions

 New South Wales      Queensland      Canberra Region